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Our Company Values:

  • Foster and support the company with a full circle reputation of quality in all areas.
  • Think and work as a team with equal emphasis on mentoring and being coachable by all.
  • Balance hard work and fun while always prioritizing the work results first.
  • Act with respect for the company, its people, customers and the community.
  • Strive for growth, development and mutual profit for the company, its people and its customers.


Meet Our Team:

Brian Timm "The Tint King"

Brian was trained by the first “Tint King” Hans Doller in Florida back in 1983. By embracing new technologies and techniques, Brian has grown Tint King to one of the largest window film companies in the Northeast

Jorge Salas - Our Own In-House Artist

Jorge has been on the Tint King team since 1998. Among Jorge’s many talents: he’s a very gifted oil painter. His attention to detail is a great asset

Ethan Timm

Ethan is an up-and-coming tinter. He likes working with his dad, but also enjoys rugby, scuba diving, and photography.

Dylan Bettencourt

Dylan first joined the Tint King team in 2016. He is a master tintologist, car enthusiast, and proud dog dad.

Michelle Siudut - Administrator

The newest addition to the Tint King team, Michelle Siudut is handling our administrative and bookkeeping duties.

Lindi Timm

Lindi takes care of the bookkeeping, warranties, and marketing.