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In most cases, commercial window film is only thought about when companies want to tint windows to keep the sun out or provide additional privacy – and of course vehicle owners use it to customize the appearance of their rides as well. However, there are quite a few other instances where this product can be highly beneficial as well.

1. Birds Accidentally Flying through the Window

Having a bird flapping around inside an office building is not only extremely distracting for employees; it can be a downright dangerous experience as well – for employees as well as the poor bird. When commercial window film is installed on office premises, it will prevent birds from flying into it, as they will easily be able to see their reflections in it.

3. Discolored Office Furniture

The cost of purchasing office furniture is astronomical these days, especially when it comes to ergonomic office chairs and decent desks. As a result, it makes perfect sense to keep them looking good for as long as possible, and one of the best ways to do this is to prevent them from being exposed to direct sunlight. Although it may seem expensive to have window tinting installed, it will certainly prevent companies from having to replace furniture that is unsightly and faded after a short time.

3. High Cooling Bills

Summers in most parts of the country normally results in brutally high temperatures and excessive humidity being experienced in most office buildings, which results in air-conditioning systems being worked to the maximum. This in turn causes cooling bills to skyrocket between the months of June and September, with many companies spending thousands of dollars to keep working spaces cool. Commercial window film will prevent most heat from entering buildings in the first place.

4. Provide Privacy

Most forms of window tinting will enable people to look outside from inside and still see what is happening, but onlookers from outside will not be able to see inside an office building without going right up to a window and making themselves extremely obvious. As a result, many companies have had various types of window tinting installed – especially on windows that are at ground floor level.

5. Uncomfortable Employees

Numerous studies have shown that employees who are as comfortable as possible while working will perform a lot better than those who aren’t. Having commercial window film installed will go a long way in helping to keep employees cool and comfortable during the sweltering months of summer, because it will help keep as much as 98% of the heat outside the building – where it belongs.

When having commercial window film installed, it is essential to have the job performed by a company that uses experienced and knowledgeable employees. It is also necessary to inquire whether the product being installed is covered by any form of warranty, as this will ensure that the film will be replaced if it does perform according to its advertised specifications.

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