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The arrival of summer not only brings endless days of lazing around the pool or beach; extremely high amounts of sun exposure and heat form part of the equation as well. However, much of this can be avoided if you have window tinting installed in your home.

Help Prevent Cancer

Excessive sun exposure can result in the development of skin cancer in family members of all ages, and most people don’t realize just how badly they can get sunburned through closed windows. Installing residential window film in your home will help protect your family’s skin and health because it will greatly reduce the amount of UV rays that enter your home through windows and glass doors. Most tinting products can reduce UV exposure by up to 99%.

Reduce Glare

Although keeping your home’s curtains or blinds open during the day will allow more light in, this can cause a lot of additional glare on TV or computer screens. This can not only make it difficult to enjoy your favorite programs or get any work done; straining your eyes to do so can result in the development of severe headaches or even migraines. Having window tinting products installed will allow you to make the most of natural daylight in your home without having to deal with unnecessary glare.

  1. Protect Furniture and Flooring

Excessive sun exposure inside a home can cause furniture such as upholstered couches, chairs, carpeting and even laminate flooring to fade over time – and keeping curtains and blinds closed all day is simply not practical. One of the best ways to increase the life of these items is to ensure that they are protected from direct sun exposure – window film is usually the most practical option when it comes to doing this.

  1. Reduce Energy Bills

When excess heat and harsh sunlight are kept out of your home, your air-conditioning unit and/or space fans will not have to work as hard as before. Your home will not only be far more comfortable inside during summer; you will be able to save a substantial amount of money on energy bills, which can amount to hundreds of dollars being saved over the course of a single summer.

  1. Enjoy Additional Privacy

Window tinting products not only help keep excess glare and sunlight out of your home – they are highly effective at keeping prying eyes from outside to an absolute minimum as well. This allows you and your family to enjoy a higher degree of privacy, while also making it close to impossible for would-be burglars to see what you have inside your home. Most burglars aren’t willing to break in unless they can see something in a home that they are looking for, which means that having tinting installed could greatly reduce your changes of a break in-occurring as well.

If you have been considering having window film installed in your home, why not get in touch with us to discuss the various options we have available? Give us a call today.


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