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Overexposure to the sun’s rays can have many negative effects on your health. Unprotected skin becomes prone to sunburn, which in turn, increases the likelihood of developing skin cancer later in life. That is besides the fact that a sunburn makes the skin painful, itchy, and unsightly. Too long in the sun can also cause heat sickness, including a heat stroke, if direct. 


Windows Magnify Sunlight

Many people fail to realize that they are at risk of sun overexposure while sitting by windows of any kind. In fact, windows are known to magnify the sunlight so that UV rays are potentially even more  deadly. Water can also have this effect, but the false protection many feel while sitting behind windows is much more deadly because people sit beside windows all the time.

Consider driving in the summer. Many get a “drivers side” tan on the arm that is closest to the window during long drives in the middle of the day. This is because those rays are still coming through the window, and subsequentially effecting your skin. The same effect can be seen when sitting beside your home’s windows with the curtains open for extended periods. 

Window Tint Can Help

One easy fix for overexposure from sitting near windows is tinting them. Window tint offers many benefits, and most people are aware of these. The fact that tinting your  home’s windows can reduce home energy bills, or tinting a vehicle’s windows can reduce glare inside the vehicle, are well-known, for example. The fact that tinting these windows can help protect your skin’s health aren’t as well-known.

When the windows are tinted, they either block or reflect a portion of the sun’s UV rays. With less rays able to enter through the windows, there is less risk that the skin will be effected. This can reduce the risk of sunburn, skin cancer, and even just dry skin.  

Other Ways You Can Stay Safe From Sun Overexposure

To fully protect your skin from sun overexposure, people need to take every necessary precaution against damage. It is significantly easier to stop damage before it happens than it is to reverse the effects that damage might have. 

Besides tinting the windows in your home and vehicle, people should ensure they are wearing an adequate SPF sunscreen when planning on being outdoors for more than a few minutes. Sunscreen is not only for the beach or pool, but also for BBQs, gardening, hiking, boating, and any other outdoor activity. 

Plan to dress so that much of your skin is protected. While spending time on a boat or fishing, for example, people may choose a light jacket, flannel, or cardigan. These are available in breezy fabrics that will not cause you to overheat while still providing protection to your skin. Hats with wide brims can be worn to protect the face, shoulders, neck, and upper chest from overexposure. When possible, long pants are also preferred over shorts. If wearing shorts, ensure your legs have been covered with sunscreen. 

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