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With the summer months upon us, it’s time to enjoy the warm sunshine by going on a camping trip, or even stay inside as the mercury rises to uncomfortable levels. Tinting your home and car windows this summer can be incredibly beneficial in both of these situations. Here are five reasons why you should schedule your appointment now.

#1 – It Reduces Unsightly Fading

When the sun shines through windows for part of the day, every day, over the course of several months or even years, it can cause significant fading. For example, sunlight coming through your car windows can cause your interior to fade, particularly in areas that are exposed to the sun most often, such as your dashboard. In your home, regular sunlight streaming through the windows can fade everything from your carpet to your upholstered furniture. Tinted window film does a great job of blocking out the sun and preventing this fading.

#2 – It Prevents Glare

Chances are good you’ve had to pull your sun visor down in your car and play with it in order to block the sun’s glare. Changing direction means readjusting the visor, too. In your home, you might be forced to close your curtains or blinds to help block out the sun. Window tint can help in both situations. Although most states have laws that prohibit tinting a windshield, they may allow for tinting on the top four to eight inches to help prevent potentially dangerous glare.  

#3 – It Can Add to Your Safety

Broken windows can and do happen from time to time. The windows in your car are made from safety glass, which can certainly offer up some protection if you’re involved in an accident. Most home windows, though, are not made of safety glass. When they’re broken, they can completely shatter and leave dangerous shards of glass lying about. Tinted window film can act as another safety measure and hold the glass together to prevent this from happening, both in your home and in your automobile.

#4 – It Will Save You Money

When the sun shines through the windows in your car, it quickly heats things up. This means you’ll need to turn on the air conditioner to cool your car down, and running the air conditioner all the time can consume quite a bit of fuel. The same principle applies in your home, as well. With the sun shining through your windows, your home gets warm and your air conditioner must consume more energy to help remove that warm air from your home. Window tint can save you money by blocking some of that heat and lowering your utility bills.

#5 – It Protects Your Health

Finally, it’s common knowledge that UVA and UVB rays can cause a variety of health problems that range from sunburn to premature aging and even skin cancer. Certain types of window tint can act as a sort of sunscreen for your home and car by preventing those rays from entering. In fact, they can block up to 99% of UV light – just like the sunblock you put on your skin.

Tinting the windows in your home and car this summer offers a variety of benefits. Doing so is an investment in your car, your home furnishings, a lower energy bill, and even your health.  

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