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You’ve heard of residential and commercial electronic window tinting. You know the benefits.

You know the costs. But, what you don’t know is that electronic window tinting will soon be available for cars.

That’s right—you’ll soon be able to reap the benefits of controlling the tint on your car windows.

Five benefits of this amazing new technology are:


The Ability to Personally Adjust Your Window Tint

The main benefit of all electronic window tint is the ability to increase or decrease tint with the touch of a button (or flip of a switch). Car window tinting is no different.

Being able to increase your tint when you’re driving in the hot sun is an incredible benefit. It’s also great to be able to increase the tint when your car is parked in a non-shaded area—your upholstery won’t be susceptible to fading or damage.

In addition, to can increase the tint on nights out for a fancy look. When the daylight hits, you can decrease the tint to normal. You’re never limited by electronic window tint.


You Save Money

Electronic window tinting can save you a ton of money. Your car’s air-conditioner uses fuel and wears down your battery. The benefit of electronic window tint is that it can be increased when it’s hot (to block sunlight) and decreased (to let sunlight in) when it’s cold. The money you would have spent on Freon, air conditioner repairs, fuel, and batteries can all be saved and put to good use.


You Protect Your Car and Your Belongings

Burglars casually walk through parking lots and neighborhoods looking through car windows to see if any valuables are inside. When you park your car, you can ensure it and the content inside it are safe by increasing the tint on your windows. If a burglar can’t see through the window, he’ll simply move on. It’s not worth the effort to break into a car that he doesn’t know what’s inside.


You Protect Your Skin and Eyes

The sun’s UV rays can damage your skin and eyes. Electric window tint gives you the ability to increase the tint when the sun is shining hard through your car. Your eyes and skin will be protected.


You Decrease the Chances of Getting in an Accident

Glare from the sun can impair your vision and cause you to not be able to see other cars, motorcycles, and people. Electronic window tint gives you the opportunity to reduce or eliminate the sun’s strong glare. As a result, your chances of getting in an accident decrease.



Electronic window tint has proven to be a great solution for home and business owners. It’s expected to be the same for car owners. When it comes out, it will be a game-changer.


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