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Home window tinting is on the up and up—the new trend if you will.


Because it reduces energy costs, protects the integrity of your home, furniture, and windows; keeps you safe, and makes your home look great.


Yes, really. Here’s how:

Reduction of Energy Costs

Your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit is the most expensive energy appliance in your home. Sky-high bills during brutally hot summers and super cold winters aren’t fun—and, they’re hard to avoid. You—and your family—want to be as comfortable as possible while still saving money. Luckily, this can now happen.

Home window tinting is a great way for you to save money on energy costs. The concept is simple:

When the sun shines bright and it’s hot outside, increase the tint to help cool the house without having to decrease the thermostat.

When there’s little sun and the temperature is cold, decrease the tint to allow maximum sun light to enter the house.

By doing this, you’re creating an environment where you could potentially not have to use an HVAC system at all.

Protection of Your Home and Furniture

Constant or excess light can damage floors, countertops, and furniture. A great feature of home window tinting is that it allows you to prevent sun damage throughout the day. It’s recommended that you increase and decrease the tint on specific windows as the sun rises and sets. The result will be beautiful home features and furniture that holds the same integrity as it did when it was brand new.

Protection of Your Home’s Windows

Home window tint is similar to automobile window tint. The thin sheet placed between the two pieces of glass serves to protect the glass from shattering. In most cases, this sheet allows a broken tinted window to be repaired instead of replace—like non-tinted windows.

Protection from Burglary

Burglars typically “scout” an area before they decide which home they want to break into. If your home has tinted windows, a burglar can’t see what’s in it. He will definitely move on to the next house, as it’s not worth the time or effort to find out what’s inside yours.

Increases Aesthetic Appearance

Home window tinting looks great. It gives your windows a clean and finished look that’s not seen with typical windows. Less light is allowed to enter the house, which makes it appear calm and cool from the outside. An added feature is a decorative film that can give your windows the custom look you want.

In conclusion, home window tinting is a great home solution that has numerous benefits. The five most important are listed above. If home window tinting is something you’re interested in, please contact us today.



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