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How Much can You Really Save Tinting your Home’s Windows-


Adding new window film is one of the best ways to improve your home’s appearance and save money at the same time. While one of the biggest savings comes in the form of energy reduction, tinted windows can actually cut your costs in a number of other ways. Just how much money could you save by placing film on your windows? Here are a few ways in which you might benefit.

Saving on Heating and Cooling Costs

We’ve already mentioned energy savings, but the fact that window film provides such profound energy savings makes it worth mentioning again. In fact, some experts believe that tinted windows might actually pay for themselves in as little as five years by reducing your monthly heating and cooling costs. What you may not think about is that your HVAC unit won’t need to run quite as hard, in which case you may also notice savings in the way of:

  • Fewer repairs
  • Decreased maintenance costs
  • An increased lifespan for your system

Eliminates Hot and Cold Spots

Some homes are notorious for having hot and cold spots. If yours is one of them, you may be tempted to run space heaters in the winter or window air conditioners in the summer to evenly distribute the temperature. Window film balances the amount of sunlight entering your home, in which case you might notice fewer warm or cool spots that would require additional assistance regulating. This means no more money spent on portable appliances or the additional energy necessary to operate them.

Protects Furniture and Fixtures

Sunlight has a way of fading furniture, carpet, drapes, and other fixtures. If you have leather or vinyl pieces, you might even notice them peeling or cracking after long-term exposure to UV rays. That won’t be a problem in rooms where windows are tinted, since some types of film can reduce sun exposure by up to 84%. Your furnishings will appear new for longer, meaning you won’t have to replace certain things sooner than you were anticipating.

Guards against Breaking

You may not realize this, but some types of window film actually make glass more shatter resistant. This is a major plus if you live in an area where storms and high winds occur frequently.

If you are concerned about vandalism or break-ins, tinted windows are a must. Not only are they harder to break, but they also make it more difficult for criminals to peek inside. If burglars cannot see what is inside your home, they will likely determine that breaking in just to see if your home contains anything of value is probably not worth the time or effort. As a result, they will likely move on to another target instead.

Window film will do more than just help you save money, as you may also notice a greater return on your investment whenever it is time to sell your home. If you are looking for a small, subtle change that will provide dramatic, long-lasting benefits, you can’t go wrong with tinted windows.

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