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Many property owners think that window tint has only been designed to reduce glare, protect furniture and keep their families comfortable during cold or hot weather, but this product offers far more than this. In fact, there are situations where having residential or vehicle window film installed could save a life. 


Reduce the Chance of Burglaries Occurring

Situations involving violent office and home invasions have escalated over the past few years, with many of them resulting in serious injury or even death for homeowners and their families. Having a good quality window tinting product installed throughout your home will go a long way in helping to prevent these types of situations from occurring because most burglars will only strike when they can see what is on offer inside a property. In addition, tinting strengthens windows substantially, making them extremely difficult to break.


When Natural Disasters Occur

Regardless of the types of natural disasters that are experienced in the part of the country you live in, it’s strongly recommended that you have window tinting installed in your home. This will help prevent deadly shards of glass from being projected throughout your home in the event of a hurricane or tornado occurring because the tint’s adhesive will usually hold the glass together.


Prevent Skin Cancer from Developing

Several people spend many hours traveling in vehicles or even sitting by sunny windows in their home without realizing just how harmful the UV rays are that they are being exposed to. Areas of the skin that have been exposed to excessive amounts of UV rays could result in the development of cancerous spots on the skin (melanomas). Having your home and vehicle windows fitted with UV-resistant window tinting will go a long way in helping to prevent you or a loved one from falling prey to this serious health condition. 


Remain Safe while Traveling

Another way in which vehicle window tinting can save your life is when you are stuck in heavy traffic. Hijackers and opportunistic thieves tend to look for easy targets such as drivers and passengers who have valuables openly displayed in vehicles. Installing a tint that is slightly darker than normal makes it more difficult to see inside your vehicle, meaning that most would-be criminals will choose an alternative target. 


Reduce the Possibility of Collisions

When questioned about the cause of collisions, many drivers list bad visibility as the reason why they occurred. One of the main causes of poor visibility is glare from other vehicle’s windows or the road itself. Having window tinting installed on your vehicle will ensure that you are able to enjoy maximum visibility without having to worry about glare.


Various types of window tinting products are available these days, which is why it’s essential to obtain a professional recommendation before having anything installed. If you would like further information regarding the types of window tinting that will be best for your home or vehicle, our team is available to assist you. Contact us today.

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