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SEMA, or the Specialty Equipment Market Association, holds an annual exhibition in Las Vegas to show off all of the latest innovations in aftermarket automobile equipment and design. This year, there were some excellent new window trends – as well as film that reaches far beyond windows.

Offering More than Just Window Tinting

One of the biggest upcoming trends has absolutely nothing to do with window tint, but it does have to do with very similar film. Now more than ever, people are making use of wraps and film decals to add additional details to their automobiles. These films come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles, which allows individuals to customize their cars, trucks, and even bikes in ways that were previously impossible. This means that if you have ever wanted your car to be completely unique, you may have your chance very soon.

Chrome and Chrome Effects

One of the most popular exhibitions at SEMA this year was the chrome and chrome effects film decals. These films come in silver and transparent, which allow designers to create any variety of designs they can imagine. The display car featured a chrome and black stripe on a gorgeous burgundy chrome-tinted vehicle, which pays perfect homage to the ways in which simple film can add a hint of modern, unique flair to any vehicle. The dark tinted windows perfectly balanced the black stripe, making the automobile appear sleek, stylish, and sporty.

Total Wrapping

Another upcoming trend that consumers are likely to find in their favorite window tint shops over the next couple of years involves wrapping an entire vehicle in vinyl film. The largest manufacturer of film for this purpose is located in the United States, and they offer a variety of high-shine and matte colors from which tint facilities (and consumers) can choose. What’s more, the film provides outstanding paint protection and can be easily removed in the event that a consumer wishes to resell the vehicle.

Knifeless Tape

Although vinyl wrapping has been around for years, many window tint and specialty companies have shied away from the process since cutting the vinyl to fit a car often cuts right through the paint, no matter what precautions were taken. Vinyl Images, a company in St. Louis, utilizes a genius solution. Their knifeless tape contains a filament, much like dental floss, that cuts directly through vinyl without causing any damage to the paint beneath. It saves time, and it makes the general public happy because it does not damage the paint.

Paint Protection and Printed Wrap Film

3M offers outstanding paint protection film that not only protects your paint from erosion, but also helps protect it from dings and scratches. It is truly durable, and most dealers lean toward their products in terms of paint protection. This year, 3M also announced that it will start offering textured films designed to duplicate the look of carbon fiber in a variety of colors.

As you can see, it seems that you will have plenty of options when it comes to customizing their vehicles to their own preferences. Whether you prefer blacked-out windows with a bright chrome stripe or a completely-wrapped car in any color of the rainbow, new possibilities are on the horizon.

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