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Electric bills can skyrocket when the summer months come around. It’s no big secret that running the air conditioner can cost a lot of money, and when the weather reaches a certain temperature it becomes entirely necessary to do this. Not only can the heat be uncomfortable, but long term exposure to elevated temperatures can cause health issues – particularly in high risk populations like children, senior citizens, pregnant women, and individuals with certain health conditions. While your body may already know this, your wallet – unfortunately – isn’t always so understanding.

The good news is you can save a substantial amount of money on your AC bill this summer (and every summer from here on out). All it takes is a very minimal investment on your behalf, which will easily pay for itself in no time flat.

How Window Tinting Reduces AC Bills

Tinting your home’s windows reduces the amount of light which can filter into your living space. This light contains heat, which can bring up the internal temperature of your home. The exact amount depends on how many windows your home has, as well as how large the windows are, and how thick the paneling. This extra heat means your air conditioning unit must work harder to cool the house off. As you well know, the harder your unit must work, the higher that electric bill goes.

When you tint your home’s windows, not only is the amount of heat filtering in reduced, but so is the amount of air conditioning lost. Tinting provides a small extra barrier against cooling loss, which can slowly escape through glass window panels as the heat is entering.

How Much Can I Save?

The amount of money you save is based on many different factors. This can include:

  • The number of windows in your home
  • Size of windows
  • Thickness of glass paneling
  • How much your utility service provider charges
  • The annual temperature of your location, as well as average summer temperatures
  • The degree of tint you choose to apply

For example, a person living in a cooler climate with moderate summer temperatures may save around $10 a month when averaged throughout the year. A person living in a climate that is exceedingly hot year-round, however, may potentially save five times that or more per month. A home with numerous large windows will save more than one with only a few small windows – and bigger homes will typically see larger savings than small ones.

Although the exact amount you will save varies, everyone will save something. When you average out the amount of money you save versus the minimal amount you need to invest, it’s obvious this is a great long term investment. Not only will you save money now, but you will continue saving money throughout the time you live in your home.

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