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Window films offer a wide variety of benefits to an office or home. They reduce heating and cooling costs, create comfort and style, prevent accidental fires and even protect wildlife from unfortunate accidents. Wi-Fi enabled tinting films offer even more convenience, since you can operate them with a simple program on your Smartphone.

Smart Film

Wi-Fi enabled window films are also known as digital shade or smart film. Users of smart film can simply turn on the feature with their phones and alter the film immediately. The window tint shifts from transparent to non-transparent or shade, blocking out heat and sunlight immediately. The shade feature is opaque but still translucent. Users can adjust the amount of light traveling into their offices or homes without installing shades or curtains that gather dust or compromising the look and ambiance of the rooms in which the window film is installed in.

Instant Privacy

One of the many benefits that is being hailed regarding these films is that they offer immediate privacy in any room. Kitchen windows can be left open and sunny while living room window tints are employed to block the sun, providing different members of the family with the amount of light they require for their tasks and comfort. Shades can be drawn with a click before bedtime without fussing with shade strings. Offices can alter their tinting according to the time of day, using the sunlight to save costs on lighting for part of the day, then blocking it out during the peak hours of sunlight and heat.

DIY Installation and Operation

Users of this technological window tint breakthrough like that it is completely do-it-yourself friendly. There are no service calls to make to obtain or install the film. Simply measure your windows and cut the film to the appropriate length. Peel off the backing and stick the film to the windows securely, smoothing out any wrinkles carefully. Attach the microchip plug and the window tints are ready for use. Operating the film is possible from any location via several applications that are compatible with your iPad, Android and iPhone devices.

Retro Fit Technology

No additional parts, window treatments or materials need to be purchased when you use this technologically advanced window tint. There are no complex window systems to install. Users of the films can keep their original glass as well. In addition to windows, this tint is usable on other glass surfaces, such as room partitions, as well. This allows consumers to utilize this glass for other uses as well, such as privacy walls or even home theater screens. Computer screens may be blown up on the film for corporate presentations or to enlarge programs at home to large print.

Wi-Fi enabled films are a modern marvel that enhances the ambiance, functionality and property value of any building or home. It is a cost-effective way to save space and control heating and cooling fees with easy technological functionality. This retro fit film works in skyscrapers, apartments, private homes, restaurants and any other buildings.

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