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While there may be many companies providing commercial window tinting services, not all have been created equal. Owing to the fact that several fly by night operations do still exist in this industry, it’s essential to do your homework before signing on the dotted line. Below are some aspects to consider when searching for a commercial window tinting company.


Lack of Online Reviews

These days, everyone and their aunt’s business have an online presence, meaning that any tinting company you choose should have as well. Exercise caution with a company that seems to be lacking with regards to online reviews or even mentions because these can provide crucial information for anyone who is considering having this service performed. A lack of reviews could indicate that the company in question is extremely new and inexperienced in the industry.


Not Providing Referrals

Commercial window tinting companies that provide great products and service won’t ever have a shortage of clients that will be willing to share their levels of satisfaction with potential customers. If a company is not willing to provide referrals, it’s best to back away and use someone else instead. Reputable tinting companies will also be able to provide portfolios of previous jobs that have been completed – either online or physically. 


More Complaints than Compliments

Before agreeing to let a company perform commercial tinting, it’s essential to read as many online reviews as possible. In cases where there are more complaints about a specific company than compliments, you will be better off hiring an alternative company – unless of course you are keen to add to those customer complaints at a later stage!


Not Providing a Written Guarantee

Any reputable tinting company will be more than willing to stand by their workmanship and products. If a company refuses to provide you with a warranty or guarantee, don’t even think about making use of them because you will most likely be disappointed with the end results. Any guarantee must be provided to you in writing when the work is completed, so it’s important to insist on this.


Unprofessional Behavior on Social Media

Although social media has the ability to build a business, it can also destroy a company if it is used incorrectly. Companies that don’t respond to customer inquiries or complaints on social medial platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will often be those that ignore their clients when something goes wrong as well. It is also essential for companies to treat online inquiries and complaints with a high degree of professionalism, regardless of how rude a customer may have been.


Taking note of the above mentioned points will help ensure that you choose the best company the first time round – one that treats you with honesty, courtesy, professionalism and respect. If you would like to inquire about our commercial window tinting products and services, get in contact with our team today. We look forward to working with you soon.

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