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Although the window tinting industry may look pretty plain on the outside, the truth is that there are new innovations and technologies hitting the market almost every day. Here, you can take a look at some of the most interesting things going on in the window tinting industry.

The New LLumar Window Film Viewer

LLumar, manufactured by the Eastman Chemical Company, is one of the most popular brands of automotive window tint today. In September of this year, the company announced a new automotive tint viewer that can show consumers how their vehicles will look with brand new tint.

The most difficult decisions that consumers make when it comes to window tint is envisioning what their vehicles will look like once the process is complete. Thanks to the new Llumar viewer, consumers can choose from 27 top-selling brands and more than 3000 different makes and models of vehicles. Furthermore, users can customize the trim levels and even OEM paint colors to make the experience even more fulfilling. You can give it a shot yourself on the LLumar website.

Smart Glass

Another technology on the horizon is taking window film to a brand new level. Although still in the consumer testing phase, an electric film offers up the ability to turn window tint on and off at the press of a button. It offers privacy, protection, and customization as well as several different colors and textures. This is great news for those who regularly travel from state to state, where certain types or opacities of tint may not be legal. All the user needs to do is press a button, and the tint simply disappears.

Electrochromic film is applied to the inside of the window glass and glued into place. A conductor along the lower edge of the window ties into the electronics within the car door. Then, the user can decide when – and how much – to tint the windows. Aside from traditional tint, users can also choose from frosted effects. It may also be available in a variety of colors designed to pair well with OEM paints from a variety of manufacturers.

Automobile Wraps

The same technologies used to apply film to windows can also be used on the rest of your vehicle. More and more consumers are visiting their favorite custom auto body shops for textured films, which offer up a variety of colors and designs not available from the factory. One of the most popular “wraps” today simulates expensive but durable carbon fiber, and it comes in a variety of colors to suit consumer preferences. Other films can simulate pin-striping details, chrome accents, and even create artistic and unique designs on automobiles.

Things are certainly heating up in the window tinting industry. From the ability to “try on” window tint at home with the Llumar Automotive Tint Viewer to smart glass that automatically changes tint levels at the press of a button, lots of new things are on the horizon for automobile customization gurus around the world.

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