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Can window tint protect my home and possessions?”—that’s a great question.

So, let’s not beat around the bush when answering it…..


Here’s everything you need to know:


The Sun’s Ultra Violet Rays Are Awful for Your Home (and Everything in It)

The sun’s ultraviolet rays can be extremely powerful. When they make their way into your home, they can cause serious damage. In addition, they can they can be detrimental to your health—specifically by burning your skin and making it prone to develop cancer.


You Never Want Your Home to Become Overheated

Heat can cause serious damage to your home and possessions. Homes with window tint are ensured that enough UV rays to cause overheating never enter the home. When you decide to install window tint, you’re protecting your home and saving money—in the form of decreased energy savings.


Window Tint Protects Your Furniture and Curtains

Furniture and curtains that are exposed to heavy doses of UV light are prone to fade—fast. You spent a lot of money on your valuable furniture and curtains, window tint is the best way to ensure they look nice and last a long time. It’s been proven that window tint can extend the lifespan of furniture and curtains by ten years.


Window Tint Protects Your Floors

Like furniture and curtains, your floor (especially if it’s hardwood) is prone to fading. Floor replacements are costly and time-consuming. You definitely don’t want to have to deal with them. Window tinting is your best bet.


Window Tint Protects Your Valuables and Decorations

Valuables and decorations aren’t made to withstand UV rays. They’ll usually warp when exposed to even the slightest amount of UV light and heat.


Window Tint Protects Your Televisions

Televisions are a big investment—that you want to protect. When exposed to prolonged amounts of UV light, your television’s picture can fade, or break. You should always place your television away from the sun. And, you should always protect it by using window tint.

Home window tinting is becoming more and more common (and popular). It’s a great way to save money and protect your home and possessions. You now know the reason why window tint is so important. You also know everything it protects. When you’re ready, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll answer any and all of your questions, and address any concerns. Your decision to install window tint will be one your glad you made.



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