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Decorative Films

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Bring privacy, design, light, and vision control into your home or business. Enhance your space with style. Do it with Decorative Films.


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Decorative Film Uses
You may need security, protection, or perhaps just a special effect. Decorative Films provides privacy and glass enhancement to your home, office, or business. Treated windows and glass partitions in hospitality spaces, medical facilities, banks, offices, and homes bring a level of design light while providing confidentiality. You may be the provider of medical or banking services. Give your clients the privacy they desire. Protect retail merchandise from designing eyes. Perhaps your home shower window faces the neighbor's house. You need to retain the available light without providing a view. Depend on Decorative Films.
Existing glass partitions and windows are treated with frosted or specified decorative film to ensure privacy while continuing to provide light. Explore the films available. They include designs and textures certain to cut down on ambient light while providing security and peace of mind. We're certain you'll be pleased.
Peace of Mind
Decorative Films are heat tested and do not fade. They are warrantied to be free from defects in material and manufacture for five years. Durability is uninterrupted service. Decorative Films stands by that warranty.
Film Types
The films vary from frosted glass to intricate designs, including textures and stained glass. Choose from various shades and patterns available. Whether you are providing security or enhancing a room, Decorative Films are a solution. Have a question? We're listening. Have a problem? We have a solution - a guaranteed solution.

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