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Transform Your Workspace with Window Film

The glass in office, retail, and residential buildings should be an asset, not a major source of discomfort or expense. Our window film solves a wide range of glass-related problems: high energy costs, tenant complaints, hot spots, eye-irritating glare, fading of furnishings, lack of privacy, security concerns and more. Plus, you can count on LLumar® to exceed your expectations for both functionality and appearance.

Solar Control Window Film for Offices:

Energy Efficiency

Relieve heating and cooling systems, to help save energy and shrink energy bills.


Temper the sun’s harsh heat and glare any time of day or year.

UV Protection

Blocks more than 99% of the UV rays that can harm furnishings and contribute to fading.

Style and Privacy

Choose a reflective sun control film to guard against prying eyes and add modern curb appeal.

Options to Suit Every Need:

By filtering much of the solar spectrum, LLumar® solar control film contributes to reduced energy use, helps prevent furnishings from fading and increases tenant comfort. Our films are powerful, durable solutions that can also enhance a building’s appearance inside or outside. Engineered to elevate the value and experience of a property by controlling costs and improving tenant productivity and satisfaction. Explore our full range of solar control film products to find the ideal solution for your property.

PLUS: Defend Against Sun Damage!

Reflective Window Film Relieves Overworked Commercial HVACs

The powerful technology of this film helps keep away heat, glare and fading UV rays. It is visibly reflective, like a mirror. This gives it the ability to hide clutter or valuable equipment from street view during the day.

Neutral Window Film is Discreet and Keeps Daylight Bright

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