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Although curtains are a popular aspect of many homes, residential window tinting offers greater advantages than curtains. Without having to sacrifice any light in your home, you can block the UV rays, be more energy efficient, reduce the glare, and have more privacy and safety.

Blocks UV Light

When the sunlight filters through your windows, the UV rays can still get through the glass unless you have special tinting and UV protection. This UV light fades your furniture, your carpet, your walls, and even your curtains. Additionally, it can affect your health. UV rays are known to cause skin damage and cancer. Even if you are indoors, it can still affect you through the windows unless you have UV protection. With residential window tint, you can have up to 99.9% of the UV rays blocked, but still be able to look out your windows and have some light come in, if you opt for a lighter film.

Energy Efficiency

In addition to blocking the UV rays, residential window tinting also increases your home’s energy efficiency. The tint on the window reduces heat lost during the winter and cool air lost during the summer. Your heater and air conditioning will not have to work as hard, reducing gas and electric bills. Curtains do not provide this type of air sealing, making window tinting a much better option.

Reduce the Glare on the TV

When you want to watch the television during the day in a room full of windows, it is often hard to see the screen. The sunlight coming in reflects off the TV, making that movie, TV show, or game unbearable to watch. Instead of having to wait until sunset to enjoy your entertainment after a long day at work or during the weekend, you can opt for residential window tinting. You will not have the glare of the sunlight negatively affecting your TV screen. However, you will not have to feel like you are trapped in a cave with heavy curtains over the windows.

Privacy and Safety

Adding residential window tint can provide both privacy and safety to your home. The films added when the glass is tinted make the window more durable. If it is to break, the film stays intact, so the shattered glass pieces do not enter your home and cause personal injury. If you live in an area with severe storms, you can even opt for hurricane or storm films to weather protect your home. A tint on your windows also provides privacy without having to give up the light that the window brings into your home. You can even opt for tinting that allows you to see outside, but no one can see inside.

With window tinting, you can choose how dark you wish to make your windows. There are numerous options, but they all allow the light from the sun to get into your house without any of the negative aspects. Alternatively, with curtains, you have to sacrifice the natural sunlight in order to get privacy, glare reduction, or safety from the UV rays. Opting for window tinting over curtains is a much better option.

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