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If you’ve been thinking about tinting the windows on your car, home, or place of business, chances are good that you’ve heard a few of the following myths. Here, you can learn the truth about window tint, which can help you make better choices for your own needs.

#1 – Window Tint Doesn’t Belong on Dual Pane or Low E Glass

While it’s true that not all window films are designed for use with all types of glass, this is one of the most common myths you’ll hear. In fact, there are tints designed especially for these types of glass. Dual pane and low E glass can certainly help improve energy efficiency, but window film can take this a step further either by reflecting heat or reducing glare – both of which are beneficial.

#2 – It’ll Void My Warranty

Many people believe that installing window film will void the warranties on their cars or windows, and in some cases, this may be true. There are many inferior film products and installation companies out there, and glass manufacturers will sometimes void warranties when films are applied. When you choose an outstanding window tint company, chances are good they’ll offer you a warranty themselves. In fact, most will extend the warranty from the film product to cover the glass it’s applied to.

#3 – All Films are the Same

This is one of the biggest falsehoods out there. You can think of window film much like the clothing you buy. Some are made with cheap material and may fall apart the first time you put them through a wash cycle, but others are made with high-quality materials that will hold together even in the worst conditions. It’s vital to get the right film for your application, and it’s important to hire an installer who can do the job right. Often, window tint is only as good as the company that installed it.

#4 – Lifetime Warranties Cover Everything

Many people think if they’re getting a lifetime warranty on their tint that they may as well go ahead and buy as cheap as possible. Unfortunately, these lifetime warranties aren’t always what they seem. Read the fine print before you buy. For example, there may be a lifetime warranty, but the expected lifetime of the product may only be five years. Some lifetime warranties are limited, too, so pay careful attention.

#5 – Window Film is Pointless on Low E Glass

This is absolutely not true. If you have low E glass, there are films that can potentially double its performance. These are lighter and more transparent than traditional window films, so they’ll improve your glare reduction and energy efficiency without sacrificing that gorgeous natural light. What’s more, films can provide UV protection that even low E glass doesn’t.

These myths are commonplace among home and business owners who have considered window tint, and the good news is none of them are true. Window tint can benefit any type of glass in almost any situation, so be sure to contact your local window tint specialist to discover the right products for your needs.

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