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Tinted windows are not just for automobiles or commercial buildings. More and more people these days are adding film to their home’s windows because they have discovered the numerous advantages of doing so. Here are just a few reasons homeowners everywhere love having tinted windows.

#1. It Reduces Heating and Cooling Costs

Heating and cooling account for nearly half of the average household’s electric bill. As such, any measures you take to reduce your heating and cooling costs will pay huge dividends. Tinted windows reflect light in the summer to keep things cool, and hold in heat during the winter to maintain warmth. Hot and cold spots are often eliminated as well, since window film evens out the amount of light coming in through every room.

#2. Their Odds of a Break-in are Lowered

There are more than two million home break-ins each year in the United States. Many are crimes of opportunity, meaning they are conducted because passersby noticed something of value and decided they would take it. Tinted windows are harder to see through, so would-be burglars can’t tell whether or not your home is a worthy target. They also won’t be able to determine if someone is home, in which case it becomes harder to time a break-in.

#3. Window Film adds Value and Curb Appeal

Tinted film helps your windows stand out from those in every other house around you. In addition, window film is available in a variety of styles and patterns that you can use to give your glass a frosted, etched, or patterned look. Tinted windows add value to your home, and might even allow you to sell it faster and for a better price should you ever decide to put in on the market.

#4. Its Storm Protection is Unparalleled

During a storm, your home’s windows are subject to high winds, flying debris, or even hail damage. While you can’t control the weather, you can provide additional protection for your home’s windows simply by having them tinted. After an impact, window film helps hold glass together, making it less likely your panes will break or that someone inside your home will become injured. It can even protect your windows against that occasional rock being thrown by a lawn mower.

#5. Enhances Privacy

If you’re like many homeowners you love enjoying the view, but are not all that keen on others being able to see inside your residence. Tinted windows provide you the best of both worlds by allowing you to see out, but making it harder for others to look in. You no longer have to hang heavy drapes or worry about keeping your blinds tightly shut at all times. The privacy benefits are especially nice if you live in a townhouse or regularly see a great deal of foot traffic outside your door.

If you have been considering window film, don’t put it off any longer. The sooner you act, the more time you will have to enjoy these and other benefits.

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