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Business owners are looking for more ways than ever to save money these days. Even so, one method of saving money that is often overlooked involves applying commercial window tint. Here are five ways tinted windows can reduce your overhead costs.

#1. Reduce Energy Consumption

The cost of cooling a commercial building can be extremely high during the summer months, when sunlight bearing down on a structure causes its internal temperatures to rise dramatically. Tinted windows deflect the sun’s rays, keeping the inside of your building cooler so that your air conditioning unit doesn’t have to work quite so hard to maintain the right temperature. Your energy savings could be anywhere from 10 to 20%, depending on the size and number of windows your commercial building has.

#2. Increases Productivity

Most business owners never consider the fact that commercial window tint could increase productivity; however, they actually can in a number of ways. Many times, workers are unable to focus because sunlight causes a glare on their computer screen that makes it hard for them to see. Other times, sunlight streaming in could cause workers to have headaches that might make it difficult for them to focus. Window tint eliminates these problems so your employees can better concentrate and get their work done.

#3. Reduces the Odds of a Break-In

Businesses are not just broken into at random. They are normally cased by outsiders first. Having tinted windows on your building makes it more challenging for burglars to case your establishment, because they are unable to see inside. This means it is harder for them to determine where valuable equipment is, or know when your building is likely to be unoccupied. As such, they are more likely to move on to another target instead.

#4. Protects Fixtures and Furnishings

The cost of keeping paint, carpeting and furniture looking like new can really add up over time. Your furnishings and fixtures won’t last nearly as long when they are exposed to direct sunlight on a continuous basis, because harmful UV rays can cause them to prematurely fade. Installing commercial window tint is the best way to protect these expensive items so you won’t have to budget for their replacement quite so soon.

#5. Reduces the Odds of Storm Damage

Tinted windows are much less likely to become damaged during a storm. If your structure is located in an area that regularly receives a great deal of hail or high wind, adding window tint can provide an extra layer of protection to help your windows stand up to these harsh conditions. Not only can you save money on replacement windows, but you also won’t suffer any downtime while having your new windows installed.

These are just a few of the ways commercial window tint can save your business money. When you add up all the savings, chances are that the reduction in expenses will more than cover the cost of adding new window tint.

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