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Many people have thought about tinting the windows in their home after hearing some of the many benefits associated with it. But before you jump on the bandwagon, make sure you have all the facts. Here are some things you should know before tinting your home’s windows.


1: It Reduces Energy Loss

The extra layer of protection on your window panes helps to reduce energy loss – especially in the form of heating or cooling. Many people don’t realize that window panes allow a considerable amount of heating or cooling to escape, but it could be the culprit behind your rising energy bills.


2: It Helps Keep Your Home Cooler

By reducing the amount of cooling efforts lost through the window pane, your home could also end up being cooler. Not only this, but a lot of direct sunlight will be reflected away from your windows. This also ends up cooling your home.


3: It can Help Protect Against Shattering

There are some window tint films that are specifically made to stop the breakage of windows. But while it may not prevent breaking, even normal window tint can help keep windows from shattering into millions of tiny pieces if they do break. This is because the film holds the broken pieces together, and stops them from becoming dangerous projectiles.


4: Not All Window Tint is The Same

When people think “window tint” they often think of one certain type of film. But there are a ton of different options when it comes to what tint you’d like for your home. Smart window tinting, for example, can transition from light to dark based on how much direct sunlight it receives.

You can also choose between normal film (in a solid color) or decorative film. Decorative film comes in a wide assortment of colors and patterns, with the most popular being frosted.


5: It Could Void Your Window’s Warranty

The only downside which might occur from tinting your home’s windows is if you have new windows which are under warranty. This is a typical scenario for people who have purchased new constructions, or who have had their windows replaced in the last few years.

If this is the case for you, make sure to read your window’s warranty carefully. Some state that any alterations void the warranty, and, unfortunately, this includes the application of non-removal window tinting.


6: You Want Professional Installation

Do-it-yourself home projects have been all the rage for a decade or more. While there are times when tackling a project on your own could save a considerable amount of money, this is not one of them.

The reason you want professional installation is that window tint is delicate. If you are too rough it could rip, thus rendering it useless. If you apply it incorrectly, you will end up with bubbles. Bubbles are not only unsightly, but they can also lend towards easier breakage. It is a lot easier and safer to hire a professional to install your window tint correctly the first time around.  

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