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Prestige Window films offer the best of the best when it comes to films for windows. There are many reasons why their products exceed expectations and are the best available in the industry including the reasons discussed below.


With more than thirty years worth of experience, Prestige Window Films have the specialized experience, knowledge, expertise and skills necessary to get the job done right. Nearly ten years ago in 2004, the company was bought out by new owners. These owners created a new strategic vision for the company, with increased investments in the highest technology in specialty coating machines. A new manufacturing plant came online in 2006, and the company was completely transformed by a big change in the manufacturing process and vision. They now offer the best products available in the marketplace.

Absolute Precision

The company’s goal is to offer absolute precision in manufacturing. This goal is the overriding concern of the entire company, and continues to drive their manufacturing process daily. They seek to create stable and consistent products to have a much lower presence of defects. This means that the quality of the finished product is absolutely top notch with no problems or issues for end users. This also helps them to reduce manufacturing costs, time, lost materials and waste by focusing in on the highest precision possible during manufacturing.

Advanced Technology

The state-of-the-art technologies used to make Prestige window films also contributes to making them the best in the industry. The window films available use some of the latest technologies such as solar adaptive nano coatings, UV protection, infrared coatings and nano-hydrophilic coated films. In addition to these cutting-edge products, the window films available from Prestige also have more traditional benefits including increased privacy, glare reduction, added protection from shattered windows, energy savings as well as protection for furniture, floorings and electronics from damage caused by the sun. One of the most advanced technologies offered by this company is Spectra PhotoSync. This product combines technologies to change according to the intensity of the sun at any given time.

Range of Products

Another reason why the window films offered by Prestige are so preferred is because of the range of products available. Regardless of what type of situation the film is needed in, Prestige has a product that can handle it. The range of products available from this company is huge, with many different applications possible. Whether clients need a tint for automobile windows, film for a home, a coating for mirrors or something specially designed for commercial applications, Prestige has the product to get the job done.

Those who have been searching for window films have come to the right place at Prestige. Their window films are awesome for a number of different reasons. Most importantly is the fact that they will have a solution for nearly any window film needed. Their products are high quality, durable and use advanced technologies to make the best in the industry.

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