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Overexposure to the ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun has been shown to cause skin damage including cancer along with cataracts and other eye damage. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) even classifies UV radiation from the sun as a carcinogen. According to HHS, 20% of all Americans will experience some form of skin cancer at some point in their lives, and incidences of skin cancer are increasing more than any other type of cancer.

Tinted Windows Offer Protection

One of the best ways to cut down on UV rays and the resulting health hazards is to have windows tinted, and Tint King is a company with a superior reputation in the window tinting industry. Offering options in residential tinting, commercial tinting and tinting of motor vehicle windows, Tint King has over 20,000 window templates and can even custom cut window films for oversized and odd shaped windows. Vehicle tints are in compliance with traffic safety laws, and window film cuts are done with precision for an expert fit and maximum UV ray protection.

Residential Window Films

Natural light has become more popular among home buyers over the last decade; therefore, contractors have been installing more windows as well as larger ones for an attractive natural look. The downside of this move toward natural light is the additional exposure to UV rays in the home. Residential tinting of windows has a number of positive effects including reducing the risk of skin cancer and other skin irritations to residents, keeping the home cooler which may result in less use of the air conditioner and preventing wood furniture and upholstery from fading due to overexposure to the sun.

Window Tinting for Businesses

Large windows at places of business, particularly those located in storefronts, are prime targets for the sun’s UV rays. Commercial tinting can make a noticeable difference in several areas of a business. The power bills are typically lowered following window tinting as heat permeating the building may be significantly reduced. This usually makes both employees and customers more comfortable throughout the day. Office furniture, blinds, computer monitors and other equipment last longer when protected from UV rays. Glare is reduced in the office which may cut down on eye irritation experienced by employees. Less exposure to UV rays at work also reduces the risk of skin cancer for employees.

Vehicle Window Tints

Although drivers and passengers in vehicles are protected from the sun’s heat by air conditioning, they are still exposed to the sun’s UV rays through the vehicle windows. Commuters who spend long hours driving to and from work may experience daily exposure to UV rays and could benefit from window tinting. Regular exposure to the reflection of the sun through vehicle windows may cause wrinkles and premature aging, various forms of skin cancer and damage to the eyes; therefore, UV ray protection from tinted vehicle windows may provide a safer, more comfortable commute.

Most people believe they are safe from the dangerous effects of UV rays as long as they wear sunscreen when going to the beach or playing outdoor sports. However, many people do not realize how much they are exposed to those same hazardous UV rays through their home, vehicle and office windows. Window tinting from Tint King can reduce those UV rays permeating all windows and provide a safer environment for people at home, at work or in their cars.

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