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Traditional campers revolutionized the world of road travel by giving adventurers a portable place to lay their head. Anywhere in which a camper could be parked, from road stops and grocery store parking lots to designated campgrounds, the driver could grab a few Z’s before hitting the road. This made the already magical road trip with friends or family even more incredible.

Then came the next generation of mobile travel vehicles: concept campers. Concept campers take the experience one step further by utilizing superior features and upgraded already included necessities. Some of these units seem straight out of a science fiction novel.

Last year there was an RV which ran entirely off solar power, and a spinning camper which magically transformed into a tiny but spacious home. That isn’t to mention the camper by Volkswagen which included a panoramic roof for optimal viewing capacities.

Although not every incredible feature from the concept designs makes it to the final production model, concept campers are a glaring indication of where the RV industry could be heading in the future. The whole idea of an RV is to use modern technology which will enable people of all walks of life to explore the outdoors without having to do without many of the comforts of home.

This is especially appealing to people who would otherwise be unable to travel. This includes the elderly, disabled, families with newborn babies, or anyone who requires accommodations of any kind to make a normal life possible.

Knaus Tabbert is one of the leading camper manufacturers in Europe. They are well-known for continually pushing the boundaries set by traditional RV models by creating sleekly-designed camper vans and innovative trailers. They are continuing this trend by introducing a model called the Travelino Skyview camper. The model includes an enormous viewing window in the main sleeping area with adjustable tinting capabilities. This newest concept camper was displayed at the Stuttgart CMT (Country Music Television) show.

The viewing window makes use of electrochromic glass, also known as “Smart Glass.” With no more hassle than pushing a button a person can increase or decrease the amount of light which filters in through the window. Setting it the darkest setting allows for optimum privacy, or the perfect room darkness for sleep. Turning it to the lowest setting allows for amazing stargazing during night, or a perfectly lit room during the day which needs no artificial lighting.

Research Frontiers is the mastermind behind this smart glass. Not only does the glass offer a unique aesthetic appeal and convenient light filtering capabilities, but also works effectively as a thermal barrier. The darker the tint setting, the more heat which is deflected from entering the camper, and the more cooling which stays inside. With less heat entering, AC units do not need to work as hard, thus saving energy. It also blocks infrared rays at all tinting levels.

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