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When hurricane season is on the horizon, many start making preparations on their homes and businesses. Along with other necessary preparations, you may want to consider residential security window film or commercial window tint. These window coatings can actually protect your home or business. This is one of the most overlooked hurricane preparations, which could actually save your life.

Dangers to Homes during Hurricanes

There are a lot of scary and destructive things that can happen during a hurricane. In extreme cases, high winds and flooding can cause huge amounts of property damage, even toppling entire structures. However, most of the injuries from hurricanes aren’t from anything that dramatic. The weakest point of many buildings and homes are its windows. Many wounds suffered during a storm are either from debris that has come through a window, or the resulting shards of glass when a window is broken.

Prevent Scratches and Dings

While window scratches are not the most life- threatening result of a hurricane, replacing a scratched or cracked window can be very costly. Commercial security window film is especially useful in preventing damage to large storefront windows, which can cost thousands of dollars to fix if they should become damaged. Even if you aren’t concerned about the appearance of a scratch, these kinds of blemishes can make the window more likely to break if it is struck again. By preventing this kind of damage, which can undermine the window’s structure, you can save yourself a lot in repairs.

Safety Glass Coating Eliminates Flying Shards

Flying glass shards are frightening and have the potential to do a lot of nasty damage. Human and pet injuries, as well as damage to other property can largely be avoided if there are no glass shards to begin with. Residential window tint can give glass a “safety glass” like coating, which keeps the shards contained between its layers. This is similar to the coating that prevents injuries in car accidents. Without these dangerous projectiles to deal with in the wake of a window break, you and your family can stay safer.

Windows less Likely to Break

Commercial window tint can also strengthen your windows, preventing breakage from occurring to begin with. Even with the added protection of holding the glass shards together, preventing them from becoming a danger, other debris may fly through a broken window during a storm. Tree branches, pieces of other houses or lawn furniture can cause nasty cuts and bruises. By tinting your windows, you help keep the dangerous stuff that’s flying around outside right where it belongs: outside.

Window tints are one way to protect your family and business during a nasty storm, and can be applied months in advance. There are also lots of other benefits, such as reduced heating and cooling bills, as well as preventing sun damage. No matter how good your window tint is, however, don’t forget to make other preparations, such as a store of food and clean water. Always evacuate when directed to do so by authorities.

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