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A continually rising demand for consumer goods such as tech devices, clothing and appliances has resulted in many truckers spending longer hours on the road than ever before. This means that they are being exposed to more harmful UV rays than they should be over time, resulting in the development of a health condition called Unilateral Dermatobeliosis. However, installing UV-resistant tinting on truck windows can go a long way in helping to prevent this. 


Skin Deteriorates over Time

While truckers will generally not notice that their facial and arm skin is becoming extremely sun-damaged over time, the harsh reality is that it’s usually happening far quicker than they think. Excessive heat emitted by the sun’s UV rays will cause significant levels of skin damage in little to no time.  

It has been revealed that individuals such as truckers who spend extensive amounts of time behind the wheel can experience a gradual thickening of the skin on the side of their faces that receives the most sun exposure. Although it was initially thought that only UVB rays resulted in skin damage, it has since been discovered that UVA rays will cause just as much damage over time – especially on unprotected facial skin.


Elevated Skin Cancer Risk

Excessive exposure to UVA rays will inevitably result in the development of DNA mutation, meaning that the affected individual will stand a higher chance of being diagnosed with skin cancer in the affected areas. As a result, it’s crucial for truckers (or anyone else who spends a lot of time on the road) to invest in and use the best quality sun protection they can afford. This will reduce the risk of them being diagnosed with photo carcinogenesis, which in turn results in the development of full-blown skin cancer as more and more time is spent in the sun.


Implement Preventative Measures Right Away

For truckers and anyone else who drives a lot, this type of skin damage can easily be prevented if UV-resistant film is installed on their vehicle’s side windows. Window tint will prevent up to 99% of UVA and UVB rays from being able to enter a vehicle, which will in turn prevent truckers from developing skin cancer. An additional benefit of having tinting installed is that it will keep the temperature inside the truck’s cab at a more comfortable level all year round. 


Choosing the Right Film

Not all window tinting has been created the same, which is why it’s important to install the correct product. Vehicle window film must be UVA and UVB resistant and prevent a substantial amount of the sun’s rays from entering while you’re driving. It’s also crucial to ensure that the tint is not too dark, as this can result in a vehicle being impounded by authorities. 

Trucking company owners and managers who want to ensure that drivers obtain as much protection as possible against harmful UV rays can contact our team today to learn more about the various window tinting products that are available for this purpose. 

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