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The amount of violent attacks and school shootings have increased exponentially over the past few years, which has prompted school administrators and educators to find solutions that will help improve safety. While hiring guards may be effective to a point, having reflective window tinting installed on school buildings will go a long way in helping to reduce the chances of incidents like these occurring in the first place. 


Schools are Not Always Safe Anymore

When sending their children off to learn, parents and caregivers want to know that they will be safe after entering the school grounds. Sadly, some shootings and attacks took place because of the fact that intruders had the ability to easily access the property by breaking a first floor window or a glass entry door. This meant that students and teachers became easy targets if they were unfortunate enough to be caught in the crossfire. 

Installing reinforced commercial window tinting on all first floor doors and windows can go a long way in helping to prevent incidents like these from happening in the first place. 


How Commercial Window Tinting Works

When toughened window tinting has been installed on windows in a school building, it keeps the glass in place instead of having the pieces shatter all over on impact. This not only works as a crime deterrent of sorts; it can provide students and teachers with precious extra time to active lockdown procedures and get everyone to safety before an intruder is able to enter the property. It will also enable first responders to intervene a lot quicker and provide much-needed support.


Improving School Safety

Over the past few years, more and more schools in Maryland, New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Connecticut, Virginia and Illinois have been having toughened window tinting products installed. This has gone a long way in providing additional security and reassurance for students, teachers and parents. 


Several other Installations Completed

Along with being used in several schools throughout the country, reinforced commercial window film has been installed in a number of government properties such as the FBI Headquarters, the US Capitol, House of Representative buildings, the Pentagon, Sears Tower, Grand Central Terminal, Philadelphia and Denver mints and many others. 

Having reinforced window film installed in these government buildings allows employees as well as members of the general public to feel as safe and secure as possible while conducting any form of business in these buildings. 


No Price on Safety

Although many school governing bodies may think it will be too costly to install toughened window tinting, the truth is that no price can be put on the safety of kids and teachers while learning is taking place. Pupils who feel more secure will be able to focus better on what is being taught, while teachers will be able to give their best to their students at the same time.

If you’re a member of a school governing body or you’re concerned about security at your place of work and you would like to find out more about toughened window tinting products, contact us today. 


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