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When choosing window tint, you no longer have to settle for varying shades of black or gray. Decorative window film is all the rage, so if you are planning to have your panes tinted, you may want to consider one of the following.

Frosted Glass

Tint that gives windows that frosted look is a popular choice among commercial and residential customers alike. Not only does frosted glass provide more privacy, but it also helps windows stand out-something you will definitely appreciate if your panes are a unique design or contain interesting architectural features. Varying degrees of frost are also available, so the finished look can be as subtle or dramatic as you desire.

Etched or Stained Glass

To give your windows depth, you may desire tint that gives them an etched or stained glass look. Not only will this add dimension, but it will also give your glass a more elegant look. Etched or stained glass film eliminates the need to special order windows, which can be both time-consuming and expensive to do. You’ll find numerous choices when it comes to etched or stained glass film, some of which will even allow you to transform panes into replicas of old church windows.

Patterned Window Film

These days, window film is available in an almost unlimited number of patterns. Whether you desire a simple pattern such as rows of diamonds or triangles, or a more elaborate design such as wildflowers, birds, or nature scenes, you will find many selections available. Choose a pattern that complements your landscaping, interior furnishings, or room theme, and you can transform your windows from ordinary to extraordinary in virtually no time.

Gradient Films

Gradient films are those that transition from opaque to clear in order to enhance privacy. Often used to cover indoor glass such as panes that surround a conference room, gradient films also come in a number of pattern choices, and may therefore be used to create a mural. They differ in the amount of light that may be transmitted, so you can choose a different gradient film for nearly any area of your office.

Colors and Textures

Just as there are numerous patterns available, window film also comes in a variety of colors and textures. Give your glass a rough or rippled effect, and add a splash of color to match your walls or window coverings. If you are a business owner, choose colored window film that uses some of the same colors as your logo to help attract more attention to it.

Since so many different types of window film are trending right now, you no longer have to settle for traditional tint. Even better is the fact that current trends are likely to be popular for quite some time, so you do not have to worry about your selection becoming outdated in only a year or two. If you had previously considered window tint but felt there just were not enough choices available, now may be the time for you to reconsider.

Why Every Business Should Tint Their Windows
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