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Reasons Why a Business Might Want to Tint Their Windows


Tinted windows are not just for automobiles and homes these days. Business owners everywhere are discovering the many benefits of window film to help them save money and operate more efficiently. Here are a just a few reasons why entrepreneurs everywhere are relying on tinted windows to help them get the job done.

#1. Increases Productivity

Too much sunlight can produce glare that might make complicate the use of electronic devices such as laptops and tablets. Brutal afternoon rays beating down on your workers might also cause headaches, fatigue, and eye strain. All of these things can cause a decrease in productivity, so don’t be surprised if you suddenly notice your employees are getting more work done shortly after you install window film.

#2. Creates Curb Appeal

Tinted windows have a certain ambiance about them that attracts attention. When paired with the right exterior lighting and landscaping, they can improve curb appeal to help draw more people in. Not only that, but window film also hides smudges and streaks, making it less likely you will be embarrassed by dirty windows.

#3. Reduces Operating Costs

Window film can block up to 99% of all ultraviolet rays, so you will spend less money to cool your office during the summer. It will also prevent heat loss during the winter, allowing you to feel warmer without turning your thermostat up a degree or two. Since about 40% of a business’s operating expenses go toward heating and cooling, you will save a significant amount of money just by tinting your windows. If you are struggling to stay in the black, a reduction in energy consumption could be just what you need to get back on your feet again.

#4. Enhances Privacy

Many commercial buildings contain walls of glass that extend from floor to ceiling. Depending upon where your office is located, this type of wall often creates privacy concerns. Your employees may feel self-conscious if they notice that others are watching them, and may spend more time looking over their shoulder as a result. The best way to resolve this issue is with a tinted film that allows those on the inside to see out, but prevents people outside your walls to look inward.

#5. Improves Employee Safety

As a business owner, workplace safety is a primary concern, particularly during a natural disaster. High winds, hail, and lightning could all result in flying shards of broken glass that could easily cause an injury. The rioting and looting that often takes place immediately following a disaster even increases your risk of suffering a broken window. Fortunately, window film is very secure, and can help hold your window together to reduce the odds that someone will suffer cuts, abrasions, or lacerations.

Perhaps you have never pondered the advantages of having commercial window film installed. If so, you are missing out on some amazing benefits by putting off installation. Tinted windows are an investment in your company’s future that will help you become as competitive as possible in today’s difficult marketplace.



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