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When it comes to protecting items like furniture and carpeting inside buildings, many people’s first thought is to have some form of window tinting installed. While this is an extremely effective option in most cases, a few manufacturers of tinting products have decided to take this a little further and incorporate dimming and frosting technology into window tint products, which has taken place in the form of Smart Film.

What exactly is Smart Film?

With regular tint products, they are installed on windows in a predetermined color and/or shade preference, and the only way to change it is to have the old tint removed and new tint installed. However, Smart Film is able to offer so much more than this in that it offers a range of different dimmable options – in other words, the intensity of the tint can be adjusted to suit varying light conditions or accommodate different degrees of privacy when needed. If it is abnormally dull outdoors, the tint can be adjusted in such a way as to allow maximum light in from outside instead of having to turn lights on in a building, while on brighter days, the intensity of the tint can be maximized.

Apply to Any Glass Surfaces

This product can be applied to any form of glass surface and no windows need to be replaced before it can be installed (unless they are cracked or broken, of course). As a result, it can be used on any glass surface in and around the home or office. The intensity of the tint or frosting can then be easily adjusted by means of a remote, an existing home automation system or even an app installed on a smart phone device, meaning that the required level of privacy can be obtained in a matter of a second or two with the click of a button. In many cases, the Smart Film can be manufactured in a range of different colors as well.

High Level UV Protection

Regardless of the fact that the intensity of the tint can be adjusted on this product, it still remains one of the most effective items on the market when it comes to providing UV protection. As with many other window film products, the Smart Tint range is able to provide a UV protection factor of as high as 98%. This ensures that homes and offices as well as their occupants are kept as cool and comfortable as possible on the inside, while the tint makes the property look a lot more aesthetically attractive on the outside as well.

In the next few years, more and more companies will start to incorporate various forms of technology into their everyday products, which can only mean two things for consumers – over time, these products will become a lot easier and more convenient to use and they will also become a lot more affordable over time, and Smart Film is certainly no exception to any of these rules.

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