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Tinted windows are more common on cars than on buildings, and it’s easy to see why. There are numerous benefits for drivers, including more privacy, less glare from the sun, and a cooler interior on hot summer days. When you choose to tint the windows in your office, you can enjoy many of those very same benefits – and perhaps even a few you haven’t considered. Here are some of the best reasons to consider tinting your office’s windows.


Glare Reduction

Glare is the bane of any office worker’s existence. It hurts their eyes, and when it shines on a computer screen, it can make it almost impossible for them to do their jobs. Studies have been conducted to determine the impact of significant glare on employee productivity in office settings. Per the findings, when glare can be reduced by at least 85%, employee productivity is measurably increased. Commercial window tinting is perfect for reducing glare without having to sacrifice natural sunlight.

Energy Efficiency

Office buildings can be difficult to heat and cool. The large open spaces prove challenging when it comes to maintaining an even temperature, and this can put strain on air conditioners and drive up energy costs. Tinting the windows on an office building can enhance overall energy efficiency, which means cooling systems will not have to work as hard to maintain a constant comfortable temperature. Estimates suggest that tinting office windows can reduce energy costs by anywhere from 5% to 15% on average.

More Comfort

Comfortable employees are more productive employees. Office buildings tend to be warm during the summer months thanks to the numerous people and equipment sharing the same space. Cornell University conducted a study that showed employees were more productive when temperatures were kept between 70 and 73 degrees, and productivity fell sharply at temperatures above 82 or below 63 degrees. By adding window tint to your office space, you can prevent heat transfer and make it easier to maintain that 70- to 73-degree average. This will help your employees remain healthy, happy, and productive.

Enhanced Security

Finally, office buildings are hotspots for burglars thanks to the thousands upon thousands of dollars of expensive equipment. What’s more, office buildings with larger windows can pose threats to employees in inclement weather, in earthquakes, and even during blasts. Many of the same types of window film that can help prevent heat transfer, reduce glare, and enhance energy efficiency also make these panes of glass shatterproof. This can help keep your employees safe during extraordinary events and deter burglars from entering the property.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits associated with tinting your office building’s windows. It reduces glare and improves comfort, which keeps your employees happy and boosts their overall productivity. What’s more, it enhances energy efficiency, which saves you money over time. Finally, window tint for your office can make glass shatter-resistant, thus providing an added layer of security when it comes to flying debris, earthquakes, and even thieves.

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