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There are plenty of reasons for business owners in Beantown to consider Boston commercial window film. Tint King has been adding window film to area businesses since 1983, and will be happy to discuss how Boston commercial tint could benefit you as well.

Energy Efficient

One of the biggest reasons why business owners consider Boston commercial tint is because it is energy-efficient. Many businesses have oversized windows that allow a great deal of sunlight to enter. Unfortunately, this can make the exterior of these commercial buildings hotter during the summer months. As a result, air conditioning systems must work harder than ever to keep the area nice and cool. By adding Boston commercial window film, you can reduce the amount of sunlight that enters your building, thereby saving money on cooling costs. These window films also help capture warmth during the winter, which means your heating costs can be reduced as well.


In some cases, workers can be distracted by the idea of passers-by looking in on them. Boston commercial window film can help eliminate this worry by providing a level of privacy that can normally only be obtained by hanging blinds or drapes. Your employees will be able to see out, but those on the outside will not be able to see in. This can also help boost employee moral, as workers can enjoy scenic views of the city skyline or harbor since window treatments will not be needed. As an added bonus, Boston commercial tint is easier to clean and maintain than drapes or window blinds are.

Protects Furniture and Fixtures

Sunlight can cause carpet, furniture, and wall hangings to fade after repeated exposure. Extreme exposure to the sun’s rays can also cause leather furniture and accessories to become dry, so they may eventually crack or peel. Having office furniture fade because of exposure to sunlight is a thing of the past when you have Boston commercial tint applied to your windows.  Since the amount of sunlight that comes in these windows is reduced or eliminated, your office furnishings will stay looking like new much longer.


When extremely bright sunlight reflects off computer screens, the result could be a glare that makes it difficult or impossible to work. This is especially true for workers who are located near south-facing windows. Boston commercial window film can eliminate this glare so that employees are not bothered by this distraction. Even in the middle of the afternoon, Boston commercial tint will be able to deflect the sun’s rays away from computer screens, allowing those who are affected by the sun’s glare to be more productive.

Tint King has a variety of Boston commercial window film to fit every need and budget. Technicians here strive to stay abreast of the latest developments in the industry by attending conferences and seminars on a regular basis. As such, they can recommend a Boston commercial window film that is sure to meet your needs and budget.

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