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After five years of extensive research and work, a company called Soladigm is selling its range of technologically advanced windows which can be tinted on demand by simply making use of an app that is installed on an iPhone or by making use of a control panel. Coinciding with the Greenbuild Conference in San Francisco, Soladigm will be displaying these showpieces in action in the lobby area of the famous W Hotel.

Advanced Electro Chromic Technology

While many people may wonder how it is possible for these windows to tint by simply using a control panel or an iPhone app, the answer to this is the fact that the company has made use of electrochromic technology in the window panes themselves that allow them to be tinted according to how much light is required inside the building at any given time. This means that a low voltage current is applied to the affected windows, which enables them to tint darker or lighter according to the client’s needs. Although the initial outlay to install this technology may seem somewhat expensive in the beginning, it will be able to pay for itself in the long term.

A Cost-Effective Long-Term Solution

Instead of the traditional adhesive window tinting film that has to be replaced every few years because of sun damage, this technology lasts far longer and it will allow buildings to use less heating and cooling inside. This in turn will see them saving substantial amounts of money on utility bills. These windows have the added advantage of having an extremely aesthetic appearance, which means that they will be suitable for virtually any work or home environment. Although these windows usually operate by means of a control panel, they have the added novelty of being able to be operated via an iPhone, which adds to their level of end user convenience.

How These Technologically Advanced Windows Work

Although people may think that these windows make use of complicated forms of technology to change the intensity of the tint in them, this is not true. View has manufactured these windows by placing a 1 micrometer thick atomic layer of the electrochromic material onto the glass panes. This layer is then encased between another piece of glass and is manufactured from tungsten oxide in order to ensure durability of the finished product. View has managed to license this particular form of technology from a company called Berkeley National Laboratory. They have managed to raise approximately $125 million in venture capital from a number of investors.

It has taken approximately five years for this company to develop this remarkable technology, which goes to show just how long it can take to get these clean technology startup businesses to get off the ground and successfully market their products. Soladigm is currently manufacturing these window panes with variable tinting capabilities at their factory in Mississippi, so consumers can look forward to seeing this product being made available for sale very shortly.

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