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Most of the vehicles in shops for window tint and paint protection services are single-owner passenger vehicles, but in recent years, there’s been an increased demand for commercial and fleet services, too. If you own a commercial vehicle or you manage a fleet of vehicles, there are several benefits associated with paint protection and window tint across a wide range of industries. 

Longer-Lasting Paint

Whether you own a fleet of limos and party buses or you have a taxi company, keeping your vehicles in good repair is important. Good-looking, well-maintained cars show professionalism and pride, and paint protection film helps to ensure that your beautiful paint job lasts longer in all kinds of weather. While you could use ugly bug shields or bras to protect parts of your vehicles from chips and dings, paint protection film is by far the better way to go. Hazards like bugs, rocks, and even sand are no match. 

Comfortable, Safe Ride

Truckers, police officers, public transit drivers, and others spend a great deal of their time behind the wheel. Commercial and fleet vehicles can benefit greatly from window films in a few very important ways. 

  • Pristine Interior – About 50% of the sun’s harmful UV rays from the sun penetrate automobile glass, and over time, they can cause serious problems with the vehicle’s interior. From faded textiles to brittle dashboards, the sun is your fleet’s enemy. Commercial window film that blocks UV rays can save tens of thousands of dollars in repairs and keep your vehicles looking pristine for years to come.
  • More Comfortable Ride – From public transportation to taxi companies and even luxury transportation, a comfortable ride is an absolute must. Many of today’s automotive window films are designed to block glare and heat, and they can even offer your passengers additional privacy when warranted. 
  • Reduced Fuel Consumption – Because today’s sophisticated window films can block more than 95% of the heat generated by the sun’s rays, you can reduce your reliance on your air conditioner – even in the sweltering Florida heat. The interior won’t get as hot, even when it’s sitting in full sun, which makes cooling quick, simple, and more fuel efficient. 

Exceptional Warranty

When you spend money to protect your fleet or commercial vehicles, you can rest comfortably knowing that your purchases are protected by industry-leading warranties. The Xpel paint protection films and Llumar window films come with some of the best warranties on the market, and the window film warranties are completely transferable, so they last as long as your car! These products are non-yellowing, non-fading, and stain resistant, so they will keep your fleet looking its best for many years. 

Paint protection film and window tint is just as important for commercial and fleet vehicles as it is for private passenger cars. It keeps the vehicles looking like new, ensures a safe and comfortable ride, and when you choose Tint King for your installation, you’ll enjoy a best-in-class warranty, too.

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