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When it comes to installing window film in your vehicle, it is important to choose a high quality product that is UV resistant as well as aesthetically pleasing. In many cases, various Federal laws also have to be taken into consideration with regards to the shade of tint used as well. Consumers who are looking for an affordable tinting option for their vehicles should consider Formula One window tint.

Window Tinting With a Difference

Until recently, most forms of window tinting on vehicles merely served as a form of sunshield or as an accessory to improve the appearance of a vehicle. With Formula One window film however, it has become possible to encompass numerous forms of functionality into a single application of window film. This tinting product is able to offer safety and security along with heat and glare reduction in a vehicle. It allows for enhanced privacy within the vehicle while also providing extremely effective protection for people and upholstery within the vehicle.

Choosing the Right Formula One Window Tint

Formula One window tinting is available in classic, comfort, pinnacle and specialty series. Each of these products has been especially designed to ensure that the client gets exactly what they require when it comes to tinting their vehicle windows. Unlike many other types of tinting, Formula One customers are able to choose different intensities and categories of window tinting for different parts of their vehicle. Each of the tint categories is available in 5%, 15%, 35% and 50%, so it is possible to have a darker tint installed on specific windows for people who suffer from sensitivity to sunlight while having darker tint installed in parts of the vehicle where more privacy is required.

One of the Best Warranty Systems Available

In many cases, manufacturers and installers of window tinting do not offer much of a warranty on their product. The difference with Formula One tint is that the company wants to ensure that the customer is completely satisfied with their product. As a result, there is a lifetime warranty on the tint against color change in the tint, cracking, delaminating or crazing. Should a customer experience any of this after their tint has been installed, it will be replaced at no charge to them. Should the vehicle ever be sold, the warranty is still valid, provided that the original warranty card is supplied.

Refer to Automotive Tinting Laws before Installation

Although this tint is available in a wide range of intensities, shades and colors, it is important to refer to your local laws regarding which tint is permissible in your state before having it installed. While darker tint may be permissible in some states, it may not be allowed elsewhere in the U.S or Canada. Should a medical condition that requires your vehicle to have tinting installed that is darker than permitted, your physician will have to provide a written prescription in this regard to ensure the product’s legality.

After installing Formula One window tinting, you will be able to have peace of mind in knowing that you have one of the very best tinting products installed in your vehicle.

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