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Massachusetts has one of the strictest auto inspection programs in the country, covering everything from emissions and brakes to window tinting. The stringent criteria has led to many residents foregoing add-ons such as window film because they fear failing an inspection. How big is this problem and what can be done about it? Here’s what you need to know.

Massachusetts Window Tinting Requirements

Massachusetts law permits window tinting, so long as the following requirements are met:

  • The front windshield may have coating only on the top six inches of glass.
  • Side windows and rear windshields must allow at least 35% of light in.
  • All windows should be no more than 35% reflective.

During a vehicle inspection, a technician will use a device known as a photometer to check these levels. The problem is that many photometers may not be calibrated properly, and could therefore provide readings that are off by as much as two percent.  

The Role of Dishonest Shopkeepers

There are also plenty of unscrupulous shops who look for reasons to fail vehicles. After all, if an automobile does not pass inspection, the owner must either get the required work done or stop driving. When faced with this decision, many will fork over money for repairs that are really not even necessary.

It’s harder to find mechanical problems with newer vehicles, in which case inspectors may begin nitpicking about window film. Even new vehicles without any modifications have been known to fail inspections because their film was too dark, when in fact a brand new automobile straight from the dealership should easily meet state requirements.

Window tinting professionals are sometimes to blame as well. Many carelessly advise their clients, allowing them to choose window film that does not meet state requirements. These shop owners know that by the time their clients figure this out, it will be too late for them to do anything about it.

What can be Done?

Just because your car must pass inspection does not mean you should avoid having your windows tinted. The key is to have your window film installed by a reliable company such as Tint King. Our technicians are very familiar with state guidelines, and will ensure any film that’s installed is well within regulations. This film will be carefully checked using a highly-calibrated machine for greater accuracy.

Following installation, use a reputable shop to perform your inspections. Talk with others who have window film on their own vehicles to find out which one they use. Read online reviews and check ratings with the Better Business Bureau. Should you encounter an unscrupulous inspector, you may file a complaint by calling the Massachusetts state inspection hotline.

There is no reason not to enjoy the benefits of window film because you are afraid your car won’t pass inspection. When done correctly, you can take advantage of reduced glare, UV protection, and improved aesthetics, while still staying well within the confines of the law. For automobile tinting done the right way, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Tint King.

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