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Many commercial property owners are not keen to spend a lot of money with regards to building upgrades, and window tinting is certainly no exception. While it’s often thought that, “all window tint products will do the same job,” the truth is that with commercial window film, you will get what you pay for. Below are a few reasons why cheap commercial window film should not ever be installed.


Lack of Durability

One of the main aspects that cheap window film lacks is durability. While the higher quality products will serve their purpose for many years after being installed, cheap commercial window film will usually only last a few months before peeling, fading or bubbling. Not only will this cause the property to look extremely shabby and unappealing; it will prevent employees and assets inside such as furniture from being protected against the sun’s harmful UV rays.


Installation might not be performed by Qualified Employees

Another reason why some companies are quoting far lower prices to install commercial window tinting is because they aren’t hiring employees who are experienced or qualified. This means that your tinting will not be installed correctly because it takes many years for professional tint specialists to perfect the procedure. 


UV Protection may be Non-existent

Although there are many window film products available, cheaper varieties will often not have any form of ratings with regards to the level of UV protection they offer. 

High quality commercial window tinting will not only provide protection against UV ray exposure; it will also ensure that just the right amount of natural light is allowed to enter the areas where employees spend most of their time during the day. This will go a long way in preventing them from experiencing conditions such as sunburn or even headaches from overexposure to sunlight.


Warranties may not be Honored

When accepting the cheapest commercial tinting quote they can find, many commercial property owners don’t stop to inquire about warranties. This often results in them being taken advantage of by fly-by-night companies who will be happy to perform the installation, but who will not be able to be contacted in the event of anything going wrong afterwards. 


You will Spend more than you should

While you may think you’re getting a bargain by accepting the cheaper installation quote, chances are that you will end up having to replace the tinting within a short time. However, when hiring the services of a more reputable company, you will be assured of receiving a top quality product and professional installation the first time round.

When obtaining estimates to have commercial window tinting installed, it’s recommended to spend as much as you can afford. This will ensure that you get excellent quality film that will last a long time. If you would like to request an estimate from us or have new window tinting installed at your office property, contact our team right away. We look forward to hearing from you.

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