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When it comes to your window tint, quality counts and quality shows.

Window tinting should be considered a long-term investment and one that lasts many years to come. Buying poor quality tint will not only be evident visually on your windows as time goes on, but it will also not do its job proptold uerly – defeating the sole purpose of why you got them in the first place.

So, what makes a quality window tint in the first place? Well, a good quality window tint for example does the following:


Keeps your interior cool

A good quality tint can be great at keeping your interiors cool with its heat-blocking technology. What this means is you’re not walking back to your car only to be cooked inside once you get in.

Moreover, while driving, your air condition is less strained as well as temperature within is preserved by the tint – this can save you money in the long run in terms of gas usage.


Provides great visibility and reduces glare

With the latest technology, high quality tints are great at reducing glare from sunlight or headlights at night. Moreover, the thinner the tint, the better the visibility and the best quality tints out there are as thin as a post-it note and offer strong visibility at 90% VLT or greater.

This can be beneficial for both your clear viewing and important depending on where you live as the visibility can be a regulatory compliance. If your tints aren’t at a specific VLT you may be fined!


Doesn’t interfere with electronic signals

Certain good quality tint brands such as the 3M Crystalline Series AutoFilm have a non-metal design to ensure it doesn’t interfere with any GPS or cell-phone reception. In an ever-connected world, this is a useful feature worth paying the premium for.


Has great UV protection

Finally, UV protection is invaluable and most good quality tints utilize technology that enables them to provide up to SPF 1000 in protection. Moreover, certain brands are also able to reject infrared light. This one’s important given the dangers of UV rays and should be a must!


Comes with long-term warranty

Most good quality window tints also come with long-term warranty, at no extra cost. Most give you a five-year guarantee.

Keep in mind if you do buy tint with no warranty and they start to peel and crack, redoing the job will be expensive. Plus, a long-term warranty is a sign of confidence from a brand and a good indicator of quality!

The difference between a low quality and high quality window tint is enormous and well worth the price difference. You need a tint that’s both long-lasting, protects you, keeps your interior cool, and doesn’t hinder your visibility too much.

By keeping an eye out for a window tint with the features mentioned above, and ensuring a good tinting job is done – you’ll be sure to get the most bang for your buck.

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