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Because the demand for consumer goods continues to grow at an astounding rate, more and more truckers are spending longer hours on the road ensuring that we get the goods we want. As a result of this, they are exposed to far more harmful UV rays than they should be which results in a condition known as Unilateral Dermatoheliosis. This is why it is so important for truck drivers to consider using some form of UV protective window tinting on their vehicles.

In recent entry in The New England Journal of Medicine one truck driver spent 25 years driving with one half of his face exposed to the sun. This entry was brought to us by Jennifer R.S. Gordon, M.D., and Joaquin C. Brieva, M.D.

Sun Skin Damage

Gradual Skin Damage Over Time

Although most truck drivers will not immediately notice the damage that is being caused to their skin by the sun, it is happening faster than they realize. Because the UV rays are so hot, they are able to cause a substantial amount of skin damage within a very short time. Research has shown that people who spend extended hours driving experience a thickening of the facial skin on the side of their face that is exposed to the sun. While it was initially thought that only the UVB rays were responsible for most skin damage, UVA exposure has been shown to cause just as much damage, especially over prolonged periods of unprotected sun exposure.

An Increased Risk of Skin Cancer

Because of the fact that prolonged UVA exposure can cause the development of DNA mutation, this means that it also poses an increased risk for the development of skin cancer in the affected areas. That is why it is so important for truck drivers or anyone else who spends prolonged periods of time in the sun to use the very best quality sun protection products possible. By doing this, they will be helping to reduce their risk of developing photo carcinogenesis which in turn can lead to skin cancer. As this article shows, a 69-year-old man who had spent 28 years of his life driving a delivery truck suffered severe skin damage on the one side of his face as a result of the UV rays penetrating into his vehicle.

Take the Necessary Preventative Measures

In order to prevent this type of skin damage from occurring, truck drivers should ensure that they invest in a good quality window tint product on their vehicles, as it will reduce the amount of UV rays that they are exposed to. This is because window tinting is able to block a substantial amount of UV rays from entering the vehicle which means that drivers will no longer suffer from skin damage while driving. It will also make driving conditions a lot more pleasant as the tinting will keep the cab far cooler inside.

By investing in a good quality window tinting product on their vehicles, truckers can ensure that they are doing their bit in reducing their chances of developing skin cancer. It will also ensure that truck drivers do not end up looking many years older than they really are as a result of prolonged sun exposure.

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