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With all the rioting and protesting as of late, business owners across the country are concerned for their property. What’s more, many burglars use the “smash and grab” technique to quickly get to store property and make off with it long before authorities can arrive. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways in which window tint and film can prevent these burglaries.

Reflective or Dark Tint

Most burglaries of this sort happen during the nighttime hours. This is when most businesses are closed for the evening and thieves feel as if they have an opportunity to get away with their crimes. Unfortunately, without some sort of window tint in place, the nighttime hours also provide ample opportunity to peep into windows and see exactly what kind of merchandise is up for grabs. Reflective or dark window tint can make peeping impossible, and burglars aren’t likely to break into businesses when they can’t see inside.

Why Burglars Want to See Inside the Store

Imagine for a second that you’re a burglar, and you’re thinking of smashing a storefront window to get to the merchandise inside. You’ll probably want to have a look around first to make sure there are no guard dogs, security guards, cameras, or people inside the store. That’s exactly what burglars do prior to the “smash and grab”. They look around to make sure there’s no one and nothing there to stop them. Window tint can make it impossible for these burglars to see, which significantly reduces the odds that they’ll choose your store as their targets.

Shatter-Resistant Glass

Another way to thwart a burglary is to install a window tint that reinforces your glass windows. Although it’s always best to install shatter-proof glass in storefronts for this very reason, replacing existing glass can be time-consuming and expensive. Some window films can reinforce your existing glass and make it nearly impossible to shatter. This can come as quite the surprise to a burglar who thinks he or she can simply smash through the glass and take your merchandise. In fact, aside from preventing the burglary in the first place, this may even give you a better opportunity to help catch the crook.

Lower Your Insurance Rates

Keeping insurance on a retail business is expensive, but there are plenty of discounts available to you if you know where to find them. Burglar-proofing your windows as much as possible could save you money on your insurance rates over time, which may make it an investment rather than an expense. Talk to your insurance company to find out whether they offer discounts on the installation of reflective or dark window tint, and also ask them whether there are discounts available for films that reinforce storefront glass and protect against damage.

Smash and grab burglaries can cost you dearly, so preventing them is a great way to protect not only your property, but also your peace of mind. Window tint is a great option in your defense arsenal because it can keep burglars from peering inside your home and it can even reinforce your storefront glass.

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