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When purchasing window film for a commercial property, many landlord and building owners voice concern that preventing sunlight from entering the office could kill any live plants that are present. However, when all of the proper precautions are taken, commercial window film will not have an effect on any office plants. The information below will help ensure that you’ll still be able to keep office plants healthy after window tint has been installed.


Less Watering may be Needed

Commercial window tinting can not only reduce your company’s energy bills; over time, your water-related expenses could end up being reduced as well because less evaporation will take place out of the office planters. Keeping the sun’s heat outside will result in plants needing to be watered a little less often than before because of this.

Although some plants may experience a little shock at first after commercial window film has been installed due to changing levels of light, they will normally recover quite quickly – and they could even thrive by not being exposed to as much heat and direct sunlight as before. 


Darker Leafy Plants

Plants that are greener and leafier than average stand an excellent chance of thriving after commercial window film has been installed in your office building. Sufficient amounts of light will still be able to reach them through the windows, meaning that you should be able to continue caring for them as normal. 


Improved Plant Condition

In many cases, office plants will actually flourish more than ever after commercial window film has been installed because less of their moisture will now evaporate over time. As such, less watering may even be required, which will help prevent root rot from occurring. 


Most Plants will Recover

Although some fussier plant varieties may struggle to recover after not getting as much sunlight as they did before, it’s seldom that an office plant will die completely because of this. However, in cases where you’re unsure of which plants will thrive in your office building after window film has been installed, it’s recommended that you contact a plant expert. Most plants will tend to recover within a few weeks of being exposed to less sunlight though. 


Other Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting

Not only will window film help preserve the plants in your office building; it will also prevent carpeting, office furniture and tech devices from being exposed to too much heat and direct sunlight. Excessive sunlight exposure results in these items fading and rotting prematurely, and a good quality window film will prevent this from happening in the first place. 

These days, commercial window tinting is available in several different colors and decorative options. If you would like to give your office block the facelift it deserves, while also doing your part to preserve indoor plants, get in touch with our team today. They will provide you with a range of options that will be suitable for your specific property and budget. 

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