Automotive Window Tinting

Window film is essential in improving your vehicles’ appearance and value

Window film is essential in improving your vehicles’ appearance and value

The Right Fit, Every Time

Tint King was the first company in New England to use a computer cutting system. The Llumar Precision Cut system provides outstanding customized solutions for window tint and paint protection. The system offers precise cuts to ensure better glass coverage and rapid installation.

All Rear Windows Applied In One Piece: No Seams Or Release Cuts

Have you ever seen a car with strips of tint covering the back window? There’s a better way than that. A professional window tint installation includes a single piece, even on Corvettes and Volkswagen Beetles, using an advanced dry-shrinking method. We heat the film and custom-shape it to the back glass, making your glass tint seamless.

Colors And Shades Match Factory Tints

No matter what color the factory tint, we have a solution. Call us at 978-670-2927 for more information.

True-Color Technology

As the industry grows, better and brighter technology comes to life. We stay ahead of the curve by constantly researching and employing the newest technologies. Color stable films constitute one of the largest advancements in the automotive window tinting industry: films that stand the test of time and always look as new as the day you bought it.

Lifetime Warranty Available On All Films

All of our automotive window films come with a lifetime warranty. As a Llumar SelectPro dealer, we also offer FormulaOne ceramic films, which carry a lifetime transferrable warranty.

The Automotive Advantage

Window films provide superior heat rejection, helping you stay cooler
Optical clarity improves your visibility while reducing glare
In the event of an accident, films reduce shattered glass
Our tints block 99% of damaging UV rays, protecting you and your car

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