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If you’ve considered tinting the windows or your home or car you’ve undoubtedly also wondered whether you should install it yourself – or if professional installation is worth the small added investment. Today we’re going to provide you with information on why you should choose a professional installation over a DIY job.


1: A Better Job

The most obvious benefit of professional installation is that a better job is guaranteed – the first time around. Since installers literally do this for a living, they have developed the skills necessary to apply window tint to your home or car in the best way possible.


2: Money Saving Potential

It may cost a small amount more to get professional installation, but it could end up potentially saving you considerable money. How? For starters, a professional installation will be done correctly the first time. If you mess up during your DIY job, you’d have to purchase new tint to fix it. Proper installation can also help to expand the life of your tint, thus producing a higher return on investment (ROI).


3: It’s Easier

Professional installation means you don’t have to waste your own time and effort. This can be an especially large benefit for those with limited time on their hands. While you work or take care of the kids, a professional can be installing the tint on your car – instead of you trying to find a time slot in your busy day to do it yourself.


4: Get Your Questions Answered

The professional installer who does your windows can also provide you with a wealth of information. While it may seem like window tint is something that can be installed and forgotten about, it’s really not. A professional can tell you how to properly care for and clean your window tint so as to not damage it.

Professionals can also help you before the installation. They can tell you about the different types and shades of window tint available, so they can help you choose the one best for your needs.


5: Legal Advice

While we’re not saying professional tint installers are lawyers, they should be well-versed in laws pertaining to how dark tint can be on vehicles. Depending on the state, too dark tint could result in anything from a fine to the impounding of your vehicle – both of which you obviously want to avoid.

By working with a professional you can also be sure your tint falls within the legal limits for your state and/or municipality. This can help you avoid a lot of issues later on.



As you can see, there are many reasons you should choose to have the window tint on your home or car professionally installed. When choosing an installer, you should try to ensure they have a good online reputation and have received complimentary reviews from previous customers. They should also be knowledgeable and well-trained at handling the type of window tint installation you need done.

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