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Hiring a company to work on your home or business can be a very tough process. There are a number of things that should serve as warning signs to people when using a window tinting company.

Lack of Reviews

When hiring a window tinting company, be wary of companies that do not have many reviews available. With the technology available in today’s world, many customers post reviews of their dealings with a range of different companies in online forums and review sites. These impartial user reviews can be a critical source of information for people looking to hire a reputable window tinting company. A lack of reviews available may mean that the company is extremely new without much experience or it may mean that it has shady dealings with review site owners to pull any negative reviews that have been posted.

Online Complaints

Another thing to be wary of is hiring a tinting company that has a plethora of online complaints. Customers will usually only post complaints online about companies that have treated them unfairly, or have provided shoddy workmanship or product. Look out for companies that have complaints coming from a number of different people, unless you want to be giving them bad reviews in the future as well. Look for a company with a lower number of online reviews that are extremely negative in nature to increase your chances of hiring a respectable window tinting company.

Unprofessional Social Media Customer Relations

Another sign that people may not be looking at a great window tinting company is to examine their social media presence. Companies that respond poorly to online customer complaints or completely ignore their customers on their Facebook and Twitter accounts may not be the best ones to deal with. Although not all window tinting companies will have a social media presence, those who do should be courteous and professional when dealing with their customers at all times.

No Written Guarantee

A red flag should also pop up if the window tint company does not provide a written guarantee of their products or services. Verbal guarantees on products or services should never be accepted from any contractor for work being performed. All guarantees on work to be completed need to be in writing for them to be valid at all. Legitimate window tinting companies make sure that their work is professionally done with a high quality product and that the proper paperwork is in place to provide real guarantees to customers.

Refusing to Provide Referrals

Professional window tinting companies will have a long list of satisfied customers to call on to provide referrals to new customers as necessary. If a company is unable or unwilling to provide a referral, customers should use caution before hiring them to complete any work on their behalf. A high quality company will also have a portfolio of completed projects to be able to provide samples of their tinting jobs as finished products. This portfolio may be entirely online at their website or may be a photo album available by visiting the company in person.

Customers must hire window tinting companies with caution. It may be best to stick with big name companies with strong reputations, long lists of referrals available, years of experience and many positive reviews.

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