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Going green has become more than a trend in recent years – instead, it has become a way of life for many, as they have permanently changed the way they live in the world around them. Businesses can also alter their habits to become more eco-friendly, which can lessen their impact on the planet and help to attract customers interested in being more environmentally responsible themselves.

Reduce Energy Usage with Window Tinting

For many offices, their biggest use of energy comes from their heat and air conditioning use. Window tinting can help to significantly cut down on their use of heat in the colder months and air conditioning in the cooler months. There is specialized commercial tinting for windows that helps to reflect the sun’s rays in the warmer months, keeping it cool inside. This tinting also helps to absorb the sun’s rays in the colder months and retain heat inside of buildings. Additionally, window tinting helps to prevent the sun’s UV rays from damaging interior furniture, electronic equipment, flooring and art. This can help businesses to save money and prevent waste, making tinting an eco-friendly choice for a number of reasons.


The second way that businesses can be more environmentally responsible is to have a recycling program in place. Nearly anything can be recycled if the proper research is done. This includes everything from pop cans, paper, packaging materials, outdated electronics, plastic bags, light bulbs, overhead sheets, cardboard and just about anything else that can be thought of. Even paperwork containing confidential information can be recycled safely by shredding it before sending it for recycling.

Buying Recycled

Items for the office should be purchased with the environment in mind. That means buying items made of recycled material where possible, such as buying recycled paper for printers, recycled plastic pens, et cetera. Even if an item cannot be reasonably purchased that is recycled, it is important to think of an item’s end of life recycling plan before buying it. That means not purchasing items that cannot be recycled when their useful life is over.

Turning Things Off

Number four on the list of ways to make a business more eco-friendly is to make sure things are turned off when they are not in use – especially at the end of the working day. Many workers have a tendency to leave computer terminals on overnight and may even leave overhead lights turned on. Make it a company-wide policy to power down at the end of the day to help save energy. If a computer system is in the middle of a process at the end of the day, workers should at least turn off their monitors. This not only helps save much needed energy, but helps save the company money as well.

Eco-Friendly Fixtures

Lastly, businesses should consider upgrading to eco-friendly fixtures to make a positive difference in the world. Even simple changes such as purchasing Energy Star appliances in the company lunch room can make a huge impact over time. Other changes that can be made include upgrading to LED light bulbs, having dual-flush toilets installed in company bathrooms and low-flow showerheads installed in areas with showers.

There are many small changes that a business can make, such as installing window tinting, that can add up to huge environmental savings over time. Many of these changes are extremely affordable and their initial investment is made up for in cost savings over a short period of time.

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