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Whether you have a brand new car or just a brand new paint job, you want to keep your car looking bright and beautiful for as long as possible. However, there are some areas of your car that are more vulnerable than others to chipping and losing their shine. Once you have lost the paint on your car, it leaves the underlying metal vulnerable to rust and other problems. To keep your car healthy and beautiful, you should consider using Tint King’s Paint Protection Covers.

What are Paint Protection Covers?

Tint King uses a variety of brands, which are a clear, high-gloss, non-yellowing urethane film, to cover the most vulnerable areas of your car. It protects against weather, oil, chemicals and even UV rays. It is completely transparent, so no one will even know it is there. If you decide you do not want it anymore, you can easily remove it without damaging the paint. However, it is resilient enough to protect for a long time, even through washing and waxing. There are standard pieces that cover the 8 most vulnerable parts of your car; however, you can also get custom pieces made if you have other areas of your car you wish to cover and protect.

Front of the Car

There are three areas of the front end of the car that is protected by this film: front bumper, full hood and partial hood. The front bumper film will cover the entire area of your front bumper, even protecting it from any scraping against curbs or when you hit bottom with your car. You can choose whether to cover just a partial area of your hood or the entire hood. The partial hood will cover the front half of your hood, which is the most vulnerable to weather and other damage. Alternatively, you can get a strip that will cover the entire hood of your car. If you combine the hood and bumper covers on your car, the entire front portion of your vehicle will be protected.

The other five areas of the car protected by the film are on the side. You can choose to get a strip for your fenders, either a partial area or the full area. Additionally, you can protect your side view mirrors from any dings or scratches. Another common area to be protected is the area around your car doors, including the handles, edges and steps. You do not have to worry about banging your door into anything and hurting your paint. Finally, you can get a strip for your rocker panels. When you combine all these five areas, the most vulnerable places on the side of your car will be fully protected.

Whether you only want to get one of the strips or all eight, you can get your car’s paint protected in the most vulnerable sections. The film is easy to install and remove, yet it is powerful, and will provide complete protection for your car so it remains looking like new.

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