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Blinding sunlight can be annoying enough when office workers attempt to stare at their computer screens. When the sunlight becomes hot, it presents a much more serious issue. Property damage, fire and extreme heat-related discomfort can occur as a result of the sun’s reflection through a standard office window. To combat these issues, many enterprise companies are considering the use of commercial window tint as a solution.

Property Damage

In some cases, the sun’s glare through office windows has caused extensive damage to numerous properties. A glass tower under construction at 20 Fenchurch Street has been the source of several accidents already. Several dangerous fires have been caused by the reflection of sunlight from the building, and an expensive jaguar car was damaged due to the sun’s reflection through the glass. Experts say that a simple solution to the problem would be to install a commercial window tint product to prevent glare and reflection issues from occurring in the first place.

Safety Hazards

Fires caused by un-tinted office windows present a startling danger in the form of fire and vehicular damage, and they can pose a direct threat to people as well. Constant, bright light exposure leads to eye strain in workers, making them more prone to eye injury and loss of productivity as a result. An unpleasant condition known as photokeratitis can develop from constant eye strain and exposure to sunlight. Although this is a temporary condition, it has the potential to result in the formation of cataracts and other eye-related forms of cancer. Constant sunlight exposure also puts people at risk of developing skin cancer.

Uncomfortable Working Conditions

Most businesses are eager to promote a pleasant and healthy working environment for their staff. Not only does direct sunlight streaming through office windows lead to eye strain and irritation, it also creates a hotter, more unpleasant office environment. In settings where formal business attire needs to be worn by employees, this can result in the development of extremely uncomfortable working conditions. Uncomfortable and unhappy workers are also more likely to complain about their working conditions, resulting in potential downtime.

Productivity Barriers

In addition to the health risks associated with direct sunlight exposure in an office building, sunlight also presents barriers to a company’s productivity. As workers become fatigued or hot, they are less likely to perform their daily tasks in an efficient manner. The glare on computer screens also prevents them from seeing their work and being able to complete tasks, which can lead to frustration. Commercial window tint produces an affordable and easy solution to these issues.

Commercial window film blocks the majority of harmful UV rays, heat and glare that is caused by constant indoor exposure to sunlight. This film is also a cost-saving solution because it lasts for many years after being installed. It is a safety and productivity investment that any companies who work in glass buildings or buildings with numerous windows need to consider.

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