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Decorative window films continue to become more popular with home and business owners across the country. As modern technologies improve, and as more options become available, people are finding clever ways to use window films to their advantage. Below are some of the most interesting and aesthetically pleasing ways to use decorative window film in your home or office. 


Film on Kitchen Cabinets

In recent years, homeowners have grown fond of using decorative window films on their glass-front cabinet doors. There are hundreds of different ways to make your cabinet doors unique, but special rice paper-like films and translucent films are by far the most popular. Rather than solid wood, the translucent design adds some visual interest without allowing you to see everything going on behind the closed door. Some homeowners opt for a frosted glass look, and others prefer a gradient color effect. Currently, semi-opaque films in very light colors are incredibly popular. 


Etched Effects on Entry Doors & Decorative Windows

As technology advances, the decorative window films being produced continue to become more sophisticated and complex. In fact, some window films can make glass anywhere in your home or office appear to be etched. In homes, the etched effect is most used on entry doors, but in offices, these films can be used to separate cubicles in a way that doesn’t block light and makes the space appear more open. Until recently, glass had to be physically etched to produce this look. Today, you can install it in minutes thanks to decorative window film, and when done professionally, it may even add to your home’s value


Color Gradients in Bathrooms 

Bathroom windows and shower stalls are the most popular places for frosted glass film in homes and offices alike. However, many home and business owners have started shying away from the plain semi-opaque frosted glass look in favor of a gradient appearance, instead. It’s still semi-opaque like frosted glass, but it offers a transition of color even while it improves privacy. Gradients are available in every color of the rainbow, and they even come with some printed designs on them, too. 


Stained Glass in Kitchens

Stained glass was once reserved for huge cathedrals and churches because it was time-consuming and expensive to produce. Though real stained glass has come down in price in recent years, you can get the exact same look in your home or office with decorative window tint. The faux stained glass comes in a wide range of colors and styles, just like you’d find in a cathedral. Choose colors that best suit your decor or opt for a classic look with traditional blues, reds, greens, and yellows. While kitchens are the most popular room for the stained glass effect, many homeowners are using it in bedrooms, too. 

Decorative window film can be used in countless ways to make your space more private, more inviting, or simply more unique. From rice paper kitchen cabinets to color gradients in bathrooms, there’s no limit to the creative ways in which these films can be utilized. 

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