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Whether you’ve just bought a brand-new car or worked hard to restore an old classic, there’s nothing quite as painful as dings and scratches in the paint. Fortunately, professionally installed paint protection film can help, and it offers quite a variety of other benefits, too. 

Easier Cleaning

When your car is brand new or freshly painted, the paint job is perfect. It’s shiny and beautiful, and there’s a good chance you’re going to work hard to keep it that way. Whether you choose to hand wash your car or take it to your favorite automatic car wash, paint protection film makes your car much easier to clean. It repels the dirt, oil, and debris you might otherwise pick up along the roadway, and when it does come time for a wash, the remaining dirt is much easier to remove. You’ll spend less time washing, or you’ll spend less money at the car wash. 


Fade Prevention

Fading is an incredibly widespread problem that occurs in millions of cars every year. When exposed to the heat and UV rays from the sun, the pigments in the paint begin to break down, which causes fading that worsens over time. Often, this process starts with bubbling or peeling clear coat, which only adds to the unattractiveness. Paint protection films are designed with chemicals that make them UV-resistant, which can completely prevent fading for years to come. 


Better Resale Value

Whether you plan to sell your vehicle privately or trade it in at a dealership, a car with shiny paint is sure to fetch a higher price. Paint protection film is a small investment that can generate a significant return when it comes time to sell. Aside from preventing fading, the film prevents dings and scratches, and in some cases, it can even fight against rust, which is one of used vehicle buyers’ biggest concerns. 


Chemical Protection

It’s impossible to completely avoid driving during the winter months, and that means you’re sure to drive on salt-treated roads several times every winter season. Unfortunately, the salt itself (or the other chemicals used) can be detrimental to auto paint. There are also bird droppings, which can be acidic, as well as tree sap, car fluids from the roadway, and more. Paint protection film adds a layer between your car and these harmful chemicals. 


Scratch Prevention

No matter what the make and model of your vehicle, scratches and swirl marks can show up unexpectedly, and they can be incredibly disheartening when they do. Paint protection films are designed with a self-healing nature, which means scratches (and even some dings) can be removed with nothing more than a little heat from the sun or some warm water. 

Paint protection film prevents fading, resists scratches, and protects your paint from chemicals in everyday substances. More than anything else, though, it keeps your vehicle’s paint job looking newer for longer – and for some people, that’s priceless. Consider installing paint protection film to your car today to keep it looking great for years to come. 

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